Metal Gear Solid 4 on PSP2: First impressions

The character model of Snake was a real surprise. In all honesty, it might have even looked more polished that the man you know and love from the PS3 version of the game.

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Istanbull2824d ago

Wow really? Even Metal fucking Gear Solid 4??! Damn!

Venatus-Deus2824d ago

Basically we'll finally get trophy support for MGS4

HungPHATx2824d ago

Maybe I missed it ! But does the PSP2 have PSN Torphies like the PS3 does ??

inveni02824d ago

They didn't confirm trophy support, but there was a trophy icon on the UI. It would be detrimental to the NGP's success to not have trophy support, so I'm sure it will be there.

Venatus-Deus2824d ago

It seems that it has been confirmed. Most sites have a similar story.

inveni02824d ago

Where does any article confirm trophy support? That icon could just be a trophy "viewer" or gamer card. I'm not putting my eggs in the basket until they say that the games themselves will support trophies.

AndrewRyan2824d ago

I'm kinda pissed I will be playing games I've already played... And paying for them none the less. I hope more "new" games are announced.

Zydake2824d ago

Jesus Christ you mean i can strangle someone while in church! WIN

Zydake2824d ago

I feel the same way it'll be cool if Sony lets us stream the game we have to the PSP2 but i don't think that will happen. But I'm willing to pay 80-100 per copy if i get a Blu Ray and one of those new NPD's cartridges

NeutralGamer2823d ago

Soooo MGS 4 is coming to PSP2 and MGS 3 is coming to 3ds? And Peace Walker on PSP1?

WTF Kojima? Plz gather all your fans at one fucking console!

BattleAxe2823d ago

GOD DAMN! This is the only game other than the original Super mario Bros. back in the 80's that I ever liked the game so much that I beat it two times within 3 weeks. I hope we get trophies on NGP, and I swear to god, that if Sony starts porting all of their great PS3 games, that I'll sell my 60 gig PS3, sell my PSP, keep my 120 gig PS3,and buy an NGP and on top of all that I'll re-purchase all the greats like maybe Resistance Fall of Man. F**K am I ever hyped for this S**T!!!!!

DORMIN2823d ago

it's just a tech demo.

Kojima was demonstrating the power of it and he said he will announce his new game at E3. ITS NOT MGS4. It could be new IP, MGS4 Directors Cut, or maybe even MGS5.

One thing for sure is he said he wants to take advantage of PS3 to PSP connectivity.

SnakeShady2823d ago

@ Zydake
Epic fail for going to church.

Heartnet2823d ago

@Hung it does have trophy support the psn blog says so

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Northtouch2824d ago

Holy... (chokes...dies...)

Masterchef20072824d ago

Its CGI Bullcrap.... Lol kidding looks fantastic but yes i would like some better quality screens. Release the HD videos already sony

tigertron2824d ago

This looks awesome, I know its probably a tech demo but a stand alone release would be good. I'm also hoping that the PSP2 is able to stream your own PS3 games too using remote access.

joeorc2824d ago

though it was running at 20 fps..the point it was a port proves even as a port an still able to get to 20 fps is quite impressive. without tweaks. this is one hell of a Handheld.

ComboBreaker2824d ago

A direct unoptimized port without tweaks.

Just imagine the graphics when Kojima actually build a engine from the ground up directly for NGP.

The graphics is going to be amazing!

Baka-akaB2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Finally mgs4 with trophies then . it better comes with MGS online too or a new version to breath life back to it

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