Engadget - Sony's Next PSP: A Closer Look

Following the unveil of its bodacious next generation portable (NGP) PlayStation device, Sony let a swarm of journalists (including us) on stage to get a closer look at the PSP's dual-stick, quad-core successor. No touching, but we were able to direct our lens mighty close before the on-hand staff shooed us away. Enjoy the pictures!

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RememberThe3572822d ago

I hope they bring the white one to the sates!

Hanif-8762822d ago

I've never wanted a handheld this badly before :-)

ComboBreaker2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

...dual-platforms (NGP and Playstation Suite), dual-sticks, dual-cameras, dual-touch-screen, tri-axis motion sensing, quad-core cpu, quad-core GPU, six-axis acceleration sensing next generation portable handheld device.

So beautiful...

Hanif-8762822d ago

You can always count on Sony to innovate, this thing looks so sleek & sexy and tech wise its the most powerful handheld with a quad core CPU and GPU this thing is beastly :-)

AAACE52822d ago

Hopefully now people can admit that Psp 1 sucked and this is the way it should have been made in the first place. I can see myself spending a lot of time with the Psp 2!

Joni-Ice2822d ago

It looks so sexy. I cant wait for this.

Honky Kong2822d ago

by the time this finally comes out i hope it still has all the features. the rear trackpad is neat idea but not sure if its gonna be worth the cost. no matter what if monster hunter is gonna be on it ill buy it!

xAlmostPro2822d ago

the back touchpad will be "mapped" during gaming so im pretty sure it will be used and worth it xD

p.s i cant wait for the next monster hunter for this :D maybe this is the true reason capcom decided to not make monster hunter for ps3 a couple years back ;)

The Meerkat2822d ago

Makes every other games console look a bit old and fat.

Close_Second2822d ago

Only if you are comparing to non-psp consoles.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2822d ago

GTA: San Andreas Stories... Its gonna happen guys, expect it to be awesome

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