PSP2 (NGP): Beautiful High Res Images Emerged

Some high res images of Sony's NGP (PSP2) have been emerged.

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lil Titan2819d ago

these where taken from the Sony website

Ryudo2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I really like the specs of the system, and the size of the screen and the functionality of the thing.

But am not so fussed on the design I have to be honest it seems to cluttered, there's even a track pad on the back which I honestly don't see the point for.

If done right and Sony release a decent web browser on this (looking at you PS3!!!) then it could be great for watching movies and videos in bed via wi-fi.

It could potentially be an amazing web browser but it's always complexes me why the PS3 browser is so poor compared to say the Iphone's even though it's much much more powerful hardware.

If they release the same poor web browser as seen on the PS3 I won't be to interested from a media prospective. But if it gets some decent J-RPG's I will most likely bite the bullet anyway.

Kon2819d ago

Im tired of this headlines. "Emerged" "Beautiful".

CrzyFooL2819d ago

A beautiful high rez image emerges!!

NGP casts WTF

MAJ0R2819d ago

emerged should be a banned headline, because usually they are old and already seen content

Parapraxis2819d ago

Top 10 Most Beautiful Gaming Headlines Emerge.

Fallouts2819d ago

i like! especially the back i like how the touch pad looks

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