OPINION: Sony's new PSP is what the hardcore gamer has wanted

The Gamer Sheep website thinks that the newly announced PSP device is exactly what hardcore gamers have been asking for.

Do you?

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louievillalobos2824d ago

This thing is either going to be a massive flop or the second coming of free government cheese.

N4GAddict2824d ago

Depends on the price I guess

zeeshan2824d ago

Sony is going to put all their 22 studios behind this. Combine all the PSP2 powers with these mind blowing Sony owned exclusives, that's casual AND hardcore gaming right there!

30sec2824d ago

I'm not sure price is a concern. With what they've shown just spec wise, I'd pay $300.

despair2824d ago

I'd pay $300 also, but that my limit nothing higher and if it goes for $250 I would definitely not complain and it would sell a lot more.

Corepred42824d ago

Definitely what i wanted in the psp2! except that i would have liked for it to have 4g for smoother online play if it has any. i know its new and the price would have gone up but i think 4g would help its sales. like to casuals who don't know crap but they hear 4g and get excited and buy it just because of that. oh well 3g or 4g i'll enjoy mine.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Listen its great for hardcore but as a casual device its a total disaster, 2 touchpads 10 buttons and two analog controls and 6 axis tilt, and cameras. Its big and not very portable.

<casuals explode from brain stressing control overload>

for us its uncharted, OLED goodness.

disagree all you want, no iphone dsi playing soccer moms or your little sister are looking at this and going I want one.

it will sell to the core.

zeeshan2824d ago

Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), three-axis electronic compass


Sweeeeetttt!! Seems like PS3 on the go! :)

cLiCK_sLiCK92824d ago

Epic win for Sony this year.

cLiCK_sLiCK92824d ago

Im pre-ordering mine as soon as I can. Many of us wont get it this year because it will sell out just like every gaming device does the day its released.

Im buying two. One for me and one for Ebay....if I can get lucky.

iceman062824d ago

Sony has pretty much decided that the "hardcore" crowd is what they want to capture with handhelds. Even with the PSP, they were attempting to get that gaming dollar first. Sure, they added in a few "casual" titles here and there. But, their true target has always been the hardcore Sony gamer (i.e. those interested in KZ, GoW, MGS, Resistance, etc.) The casuals that they pick up will be years down the line when they hit the consumer friendly price point and start releasing the Justin Bieber edition NGP (oh...God...please no!).

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VINNIEPAZ2824d ago

Only thing that worries me is it says 3G, I wonder how much that will cost a month if you want that.

cLiCK_sLiCK92824d ago

Maybe even a Phone service to go with it?

PirateThom2824d ago

Find out whatever the basic subscription for data with your prefered network is, that's how much it will cost.

egidem2824d ago


I smell a nintendogz fanboi?

zez2824d ago

Casual gamers -------> 3DS
Hardcore gamers -------> PSP2

Me ------> PSP2

Trying oh so very hard atm not to furiously masturbate over the thing.

Theyellowflash302824d ago

Thats not true at all. If anything the 3DS is trying to do more hardcore and less casual.

Gamers------> 3DS or PSP2
Casual gamers------> I pod touch/I pad/ I phone/ android

zez2824d ago

Really? can you throw me a list of 5 announced hardcore 3DS games?
(Hint: Mario, zelda and other old nintendo rehashes don't count. Oh, and please don't say nintendogs :/)

schlanz2824d ago

The fact that you think Mario and Zelda are not games for core gamers proves you aren't a core gamer.

firefoxprime2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

C'mon Zez...that's so easy. I consider myself a core gamer. I "hate" casual games. Every game I play has to have some kind of inflicting damage, or competition. Fast paced action whether with cars or fighters. Guns or Swords. High replay value. Engaging story.

2.Resident Evil: Revelations
3.Super Street Fighter IV:3D
5.Driver Renegade
6.Saints Row
7.Dead Or Alive:Dimensions
8.Kingdom Hearts:3D(go ahead. call it a side
9.SplinterCell:3D(you never said no ports
10. ProEvoSoccer(meh. sports title)

Bottom line is 3DS and NGP are "both" going to cater to hardcore gamers. Nintendo isn't stupid. They aren't going to drop "all" their casual titles, since thats where they've made their money these past 5 years. I like Nintendo. I like Sony. "Both" companies have screwed us gamers over. $599? Ah. You forgot so soon huh. Wii? What kind of stupid is that. 2 gamecubes slapped together?? Hahaha...What? it takes the PS3 how long to play a game? How many updates? Um...yeah.---Rant Over.

So go ahead start your lil fanboy handheld wars. I'll tell you what though. There will be only 1 winner. And thats me. (I...will buy both.)

You asked for 5. I gave you 10.
Now go dissect this list like a good lil fanboy.

zez2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Ah fairs I didn't know MGS or SC3D were coming out for it :D I take back what I said before, that gaming line-up doesn't look half bad! Still, to me (not necessarily to you guys or anything), the PSP2 has the better gaming line-up (Uncharted is my favourite franchise this gen, I love killzone and resistance, plus LBP, other games I've forgotten because of MGS and a possible MGS4 is a BIG deal to me -> it looks just as good as it did on the PS3 and I think it's fair to say it looks a lot better than MGS3 did ;) :P ) ) Plus personally I'm just not into kingdom Hearts, driver, blazblue and PES and im not exactly crazy about DOA at the moment, but it doesn't look like a bad set of games at all.

Bet you thought I was gonna go all :fanboyragemode: on you, huh? lol. I'm not like that. I'd get both if I could, especially now knowing the 3DS has better games than I thought, but I'm not the kind of guy that would drop £600+ on a games console, hence why I bought my PS3 when it was at £399. I thought all the 3DS had announced were those freakin' mario and etc. N64 ports/ DS remakes (oh, and MGS3D). I didn't like the sound of that at all (except the MGS3D) But now I know differently. Again, cheers.

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ugo2824d ago

people like you are not fit to comment

xAlmostPro2824d ago

they've basically gave us(the ones that wanted a new psp(not that GO thing -_-) everything we asked for and more.. it really is down to the price..

which for once if they don't want this to flop they should be clever about and try price it the same as the original psp or a little over is OK but dont be silly and charge like $400-$500

im cool with a $300 pricetag, that would be perfect

Steve_02824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Considering the tech in this thing, plus R&D costs, I'm worried the price will be higher than $300. Next generation smartphones running on the same CPU + GPU combo, plus WiFi, 3G, high resolution screen (OLED further increasing costs here), digitizer (this has two of them, presumably), on board NAND storage, ≈512mb ram, etc. are expected to go for more than twice that. The next generation iPhone is expected to have very similar hardware, and without subsidisation they go for ≈$800.

So far, concerns are threefold;

First and foremost, developer support. Content drives the device.

Second, portability. Size, weight and battery life. These have to be within certain thresholds to expect the average consumer to carry the device around. Luckily, the ARM Cortex A9 platform is looking to be incredibly good with power requirements. But you can't get away from the fact that these processors are designed to push idle performance. When a games running, there's no getting away from the power requirements.

Thirdly, Price. I already expect it to be over $300. Considering that Sony's current flagship console is at that price, this may be a barrier for sales. Sony will likely initially sell these at a loss, unless they form a deal with carriers and get it subsidised. Considering the 3G chipset, I think this is likely to be the solution, at least in the states.

All in all, very interesting stuff.

xAlmostPro2824d ago

apparently(just read on another article) they said they would/will make a loss at first(similar to the ps3) basically they'll price it abit under what its worth until they can make cheaper components.

i too wouldn't be suprised if it was over $300, i just think that would be a perfect price for sony to quickly dominate the market and make a tonne of sales..

also due to the ps3 being that price it wouldn't make sense for it to be priced alot more than that, because i dont know about you but i played my psp mostly at my house and other house, i rarely gamed while out until i got to my destination..i know alot of people that also do/done the same.. so again it wouldn't make sense to price it way more than the home console when alot of people use it at home(although i think the japanese market are the ones who play it everywhere)

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Sanii2824d ago

Im hardcore and its not what I want. I want the 3ds.

Corepred42824d ago

hardcore nerd maybe. im just going to buy what i want and be happy with it. and i do consider myself a hc gamer even if i don't have both.

Sarcasm2824d ago

Not necessarily... Some people can afford only one. Usually kids.

For me though, I'm getting both. I'll enjoy anything and everything I want whether it's a new Zelda game with awesome 3D graphics, or a full fledged Uncharted and Killzone game on the PSP2.

MAJ0R2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

well I would say that 3DS would probably be targeted more at the casuals considering Nintendo franchises and NGP more at the hardcore

schlanz2824d ago

Loving games means getting both. You don't need to be hardcore.

Anyone who trashes either system is just a flat-out fanatical fanboy.

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hetz152824d ago

I'll get both for sure, but not simultaneously. 3DS will have to wait I'm afraid, just like when I purchased DSLite. And for some reason, I can sometimes see 3D and sometimes can't. So, I have to try the 3DS first. As for NGP, day one as long as it's $300 or below.

Fel082824d ago

It is definitely what I've been wanting. This thing is EPIC!

SilverSlug2824d ago

I love it.. now show me the price tag.

Sarcasm2824d ago

Or rather, show us a release date so we can mark our calendars!

SpitFireAce852824d ago

They said holiday 2011 so my guess is Oct or

Joni-Ice2824d ago

No they said Holiday Japan. No US date.

MGRogue20172824d ago

Yes! GIVE IT TO ME!! :D :D :D

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