Metal Gear Solid 4 Demoed on PSP2 (NGP)

During the PlayStation Meeting, Konami’s own Hideo Kojima took stage to present a demo of Metal Gear Solid 4 running on PSP2 (NGP) hardware.


Video footage of MGS4 PSP2 added.

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HolyOrangeCows2825d ago

And an UE3 demo. Dev-friendly device is friendly.

Oh.....and powerful.


MGS4 running realtime on the NGP :

"This game used the model data and environments from PS3, and it was exported directly to NGP"

This doesn't confirm MGS4 will be ported on the NGP but it shows that its engine can run without constraints on it and Kojima promised to show planned games for it in this E3!

Edit:7:34AM Hideo envisions using the exact same game on the PS3 and the NGP. You play the game on your PS3 at home, and out and about you play the same game and same save on your NGP. A beautiful dream, indeed. "This dream is going to come true in the near future, and right now I'm working on this project. I'm sorry right now I can't disclose further information, but I'd like to present what we're doing at E3."

zeeshan2825d ago

OMG! MGS for NGP is kinda confirmed already! I mean they have a MGS title for 3DS, I reaaalllyy don't think Kojima san is going to pass on all that juice that NGP seems to carry!

vsr2825d ago

This .. This...This... is I want immediately!!!!!!!!!

HappyGaming2825d ago

This scares me...
If Sony can make a portable as powerful as a PS3 which is tiny and has no fans...

Than how powerful will the PS4 be which is going to be much larger than the NGP and it can contain fans to allow overclocking of the CPU?

lil Titan2825d ago

i knew Hideo was up to sly FOX HOUND you

visualb2825d ago

WOW! I wake up to this?

so it is a PS3 portable?....

holy ***** where's my KZ3 online portable xD

TheFanBoy2825d ago

Well it has 3G and wifi so it's very possible...

MagicAccent2825d ago

w4retyuhjkldfghjkly67u89io0p+g fhyjuki

Oh sry, I just hade to wipe the jizz off from my keyboard.

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Godmars2902825d ago

Now if its sprite gaming friendly.

Dante1122825d ago



It's beautiful...but really, those PSP2 specs are beasty.

BCRxRaiden2825d ago

this is awesome. MGS4, Uncharted, Call of Duty, Resistance, etc. That;s nuts! You would think i was talking about a ps3 game line up. No, its for a mobile device that's fits in your hand!!!!!! I'm impressed.

Side Note - Hideo Kojima thinking about cloud gaming and MGS in same sentence...could equal epicness.

DeadlyFire2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Don't forget KILLZONE franchise.

HappyGaming2825d ago

PSP2 has a better line up than 360...

Octo12825d ago

I'm amazed on how quickly they were able to port games that were slated to be released on PS3 to the NGP.

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The story is too old to be commented.