Opinion: A list of the top features of Sony NGP opines: "Sony announced the successor to PSP at its PlayStation Meeting in Tokyo earlier today, codenaming the device NGP, or Next-Generation Portable. While it won't launch until sometime within the calendar year, we figured we'd give you a sneak peak at its list of impressive features:"

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SwiderMan2873d ago

...although the NGP name, obviously, must go.

Tyler Durden2873d ago

A new Metal Gear on this is a must!

SwiderMan2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Thankfully, it's on its way and will be present at E3.

Maybe an MG launch title? Launch games seem to be 3DS' Achilles heel.

Istanbull2873d ago

I heard they showed a demo of MGS4 on the NGP. Awesome news!

As much as I like a new MGS, I hope they reserve it to the bigger brother: PS3! :)

evrfighter2873d ago

any word on battery life? that's a big deal breaker for me when we're talking portable.

SwiderMan2873d ago

Not a word, which is a concern considering NGP is going to be very powerful.

dragunrising2873d ago

For anyone interested in NGP dimensions in inches:

7.17 (L) x .732 (W) * 3.29 (H)

It was hard for me to visualize the size of NGP/PSP2. This should help anyone that doesn't think in metric everyday or those that only do so during science class :-p

Its reasonably thin and a tad bit too big for jeans. What does everyone else think of the size factor?

SwiderMan2873d ago

Surprised. I thought Sony would go compact with a phone, but it went all out with actual analog sticks (not nubs) and presented a true gamer's gaming portable. They went really took the phrase "go big or go home" to heart.

supremacy2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Well guys I did call it, I said the games and support will be there. And the thing Sony stressed is how easy and quick it was to develop for this device, so yeah ill say we got ourselves a good fight this time around.

Another thing I keep seeing is a trophies icon on the pictures, which is like a breath of fresh air to me and many others I am sure.

Both the touchscreen and touchpad take away the need of dual screens.

3G? Say what lol this device is crazy, the games mentione arent too much to brag about. But they arent exactly push overs either.
Uncharted, littlebigplanet and killzone are worthy mentions and I am sure these games will look as good as their ps3 counterparts due to the size of the screen.
Then again in comparrison the 3DS line up isnt much to brag about either, so in my honest opinion fair is fair.

The design ressembles the original psp, and to me atleast thats not a bad thing. I know some might want a slider design instead and I can understand why. But its not like sony wont ever work on newer models down the line to make it sleeker and more appealing.

The new format is a much welcome and I am sure many wanted this change so...overall thus far this new psp is looking like an A in my book.

Now that we all seen what the psp2 looks like and read up on its features. I just want to ask those of you who kept assuming the psphone and this device were one in the same to please acknowledge the fact and stop it already if you havent.

I cant even believe I got so many disagrees for stating this a while back.

Anyhow its good to see this device for the first time, I might need a new phone soon as well so fortunately for sony, they got my money this year. Heck they already got me reserving their games on the ps3, you go figure.

Ps2 is still around, ps3 is profitable and might get a price cut soon and lets not mention the exclusives now. Yeah I say things are looking good for sony and gamers everywhere.

Mmmkay2873d ago

good for you. here - have some chicken.

supremacy2873d ago

Why thank you for the offer, you're so generous. Let me guess i am suppose to somehow feel offended by your childish comment? lol

It is people like you who give me a reason to talk even more.

Though i will say thank you for the chicken, i just don't accept things from strangers sorry. umm ok?