Sony PlayStation press conference summary

Sony announces PlayStation Suite and their next generation handheld, the NGP, at the Sony PlayStation Meeting 2011 press conference in Tokyo.

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Bandrik2821d ago

The OLED display, of all things, has me the most excited. Overall, I'm happy with what Sony is doing with the NGP. I preferred the classic PSP shape (not so much with the PSPgo), and all the added gadgets I can see being at best fun to have, and at worst just extra gimmicks that can be overlooked. Way to go, Sony. :D

SilverSlug2820d ago

I'm scared for the price of this.

StbI9902820d ago

3oo for wifi, 35o for 3G, just like the ipad but cheaper for sure.

SilverSlug2820d ago

Wish Sony worked out a 3G deal like Kindle. Basically, syncing, doing that 'real time tracking' and checking friends list is free. Apps, online play, downloading from store on 3G will cost monthly .

This way people can 'use the features' and get adicted and want to do more with the 3G. Better for companies and consumers.