Sony PSP2: Introducing the Next Generation of Portable Gaming

At PlayStation Meeting 2011 in Japan a few moments ago, Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO, SCEI, introduced the world to the newest addition to the PlayStation product family and the future of portable gaming: currently codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable). It will revolve around five key concepts: Revolutionary User Interface, Social Connectivity, Location-based Entertainment, Converging Real and Virtual (augmented) Reality. It will be compatible with the PlayStation Suite.

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SasanovaS19874928d ago

they didnt believe me when i said il be sitting on the bus, take out my portable and BAM, ps3

SasanovaS19874928d ago

ladies and gentelman, 3ds is old news.

Rumor4928d ago

$599 US Dollars XD had to do it!!

on the other hand. ps + android + uncharted + killzone = OH MY FUCCCING GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!


backwards compatible plays psp games from the playstation suite

sony have pulled out all the stops

AWBrawler4928d ago

half of the "new" features are old news to DS owners, and we have to see that price. Also those are no more ps3 graphics than 3DS is 360

Soldierone4928d ago

As long as its not exclusive to AT T or tied to contracts, ill buy one.

LORD-PHOENIX4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

can i have a go of your nintendo handheld that has

two analog joysticks
powerful cpu
5inch oled screen
that connects to mobile network

pretty please?

TheLastGuardian4928d ago

I am going to buy this device.

I_find_it_funny4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

nice slick black *whistle* *whistle*"

sh!t is nice
PSP2 is the bomb, is that true sh!t


Etseix4928d ago

this hyped me real bad ......

AWBrawler4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

@ phoenix

you do realise aside from the 3G 3DS does most of that right, and has augmented reality. I find it funny you call DS outdated, but this is stealing from DS

at below
I am saying 3DS has gyro, wifi, powerful cpu, and it has augmented reality.
my point is that they are kind of evenly matched. its too soon to call doom on 3DS, because it has the advantage as of now due to a headstart and the eventual games that appeal to the masses

LORD-PHOENIX4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )


dont say it has EXPLAIN how the ds has because you sure have a different ds from the rest of us

im not bashing the 3ds its just that you chat poo

edit:about as evenly matched as a wii and ps3 ,i was set on getting a 3ds but psp2 has changed my mind,its a true gaming machine,two analog sticks,3g,uncharted and now call of duty has just been announced,graphically this destroys the 3ds, 3ds will no doubt sell well but psp2/ngs has just shitted on it spec wise from a very high height.

SiLeNt KNighT4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Cant wait to get this! sad to say it looks a little ugly to me. i was expecting a little more design change. psp could use a new image anyways. an iphone4 or galaxy look would have been soooo much nicer. the more i look at it the more im disappointed, i sure hope they do some minor changes. if it gets just a few minor changes it would dramatically make it look better. i understand it will be awesome inside but i like my electronics like my women; sexy AND awesome on the inside!

its still too rounded. give it some edges! and wayyyy too much bezel. cut down on the outer rim. do those two things and it will quadruple what its already going to sell.

if cod crap ops, or whatever cod game comes to the psp2 is a decent game, i think it will make the psp2 dominate the 3ds. think about sales numbers of black ops...imagine when its advertised to the general public (tv/radio/etc) how many people will get a psp2 JUST for cod. i know its not the 'top' game nor should it sell units but it does, and think about a cod exclusive to a handhelds sales numbers.

the android announcements is pretty huge too. wonder if they are referring to anything other than the actual playstation phone?

Istanbull4928d ago

OMG OMG SONY keeps amazing!

morganfell4928d ago

Properly instituted, the NGP can decide the main console war this gen once and for all.

punkpop1014928d ago

WTF are you smoking where did it say about ps3 graphics or anything about the ps3?

LoVeRSaMa4928d ago

Apparently its quad cored.

'The ARM Cortex-A9 processor delivers exceptional capabilities for less power than consumed by high performance compute platforms, including
Unrivalled performance with 2GHz typical operation with the TSMC 40G hard macro implementation'


Firebird3604928d ago

@awbrawler, the video is not to good but are you kidding me?? From what we saw it looked exactly like uncharted on ps3!

Ju4928d ago

3DS who? Are you kidding me? The 3DS has nothing on this. I am not even talking about the specs.

But that intro with the hopping ball - you guys saw that video - is totally cutting into Nintendo's market! Man, the game play is innovative with 2 layer touch. You can grab that ball and shoot it at the target by squeezing it with two fingers.

Or the climbing in the Uncharted demo. He used the fingers on the back to climb up the rope.

No, the only thing the 3DS has is 3D which you have to switch off half the time because it makes you sick.

There are so many more innovative ideas in the NGP that Sony rolled over Nintendo big time with that thing. I didn't expect this. But they actually showed games which use their ideas already.

All that with 960x540 half-1080 resolution; which BTW is higher than what the Wii delivers.

GTFO with the 3DS and this copied from it. Ninti blew it. This one is the gadget to look forward to.

Not even a next gen Apple device can beat it. Quad core? If we are lucky, Apples next ipad has dual cores...

RBLAZE19884928d ago

Dude wow i'm impressed. They're hoping to make ps3 and ngp (psp2) games at the same time so let's say you play uncharted or metal gear solid on ps3...save your game to the ps cloud and continue it on the NGP...That is revolutionary!!! This is rediculous and as long as it comes in at 250-300 bucks it's going to sell like shit cakes...

Honestly the 3ds really has nothing on the psp2 (NGP)

touch screen, analog sticks, motion controls, rear touch pads, 3G, GPS, Live area...the list goes on but this is pretty insane for a mobile gaming device. A mobile PS3!!

darthawesome904928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Love the dual micro analogs, screen, PSP2 doesn't look visually mindblowing but I'm not complaing (I intend to watch movies and game not put it on display).

Absolutely love the return of flash based videogames and the ability to play many PS3 games. Versus XIII anyone?

The only minor gripe I have is the placement of the dual analog sticks. I believe the buttons and the anolog sticks should switch places to make it more ergonomic. Day 1 buy if it's under $300...hopefully $250.

ProjectVulcan4928d ago

Its faster than Wii, easily LOL its quite difficult to comprehend that this will be considerably more powerful than a current home console system but it is by some way.

Price wise everyone should realise that this should not be more expensive than 3DS...Also if it launches with a 28nm chipset then its battery life will be significantly better than 3DS.

iforgotmylogin4928d ago


just 2 analog sticks
high resolution screen
and a quad core cpu?

everything else has been done

and the touch gaming looks dumb in the uncharted demo.

Nintendo will win again

if u thought the 3DS battery life sucked imagine this.

im gonna be the rational nintendo fan here to burst all the bubbles. when the 3DS was announced the sony guy was there doing the same.

400$ minimum and we know how wise sony is with pricing.

darthawesome904928d ago

I'm going to absolutely love the PS3 ports and the PS3 like graphics.

For those that say that the PSP2 isn't as graphically impressive as the PS3, I agree but remember that the PS3 has been out for years. It looks on par with early PS3 games and I forsee the PSP2 matching the PS3 within a year or two once developers get used to the hardware.

Lastly all of the jaggies, lighting, etc. from demos and vids were made be devs within only 3 weeks to 3 months....will get better with time.