“PlayStation 3 has Won the Center of the Living Room,” says Hirai

PSUni writes "Speaking live tonight at an event in Tokyo, Kaz Hirai and SCE are holding a conference open to roughly 1,000 individuals to unveil some of the exciting new products coming from Sony this year."

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Obama2821d ago

Should have said won the exclusives war. There's no disputes that ps3 has the best exclusives.

DualConsoleOwner2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Everyone knows ps3 has far more quality games coming out.

nygamer282821d ago

yea cause this article is about the exclusives right?

Shang-Long2821d ago

this statement wont go over well with some people

AAACE52821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

The Ps3 is a great system which offers you a lot to do, but how can he make a claim like that when there are more Wii's and 360's sold! Not to mention the other set top boxes that have taken away potential market share from the consoles. And more importantly, the HDTV's that offer internet, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

(Voice of Morpheus)

...You've been living in a dream world Kaz...

Sony has everyone beat in the exclusive department, but in order to claim that they have taken over the living room, they have to account for a lot of other items that people use! Including the people who stream movies, music, games, etc from their PC!

ComboBreaker2821d ago

" can he make a claim like that when there are more Wii's and 360's sold!"

Because all you can do on the Wii and 360 is play games.

PS3 have the most home media center features.

N4g_null2820d ago

Combo breaker the wii has a better web browser than the ps3, it even has plug ins for better content, YouTube support and netflix for free and it comes with a way better user interface for using them on screen and with the or pointer. Plus it's also selling more games and it's exclusives are always dominating the top ten or 20.

ComboBreaker2820d ago

No HD Netflix, Blurays, 3D, etc.

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Kos-Mos2821d ago

You sure? Wii exclusive are higher rated if I`m not mistaken.

Das_Bastardion2821d ago

you forgot to put /sarcasm at the end of your statement lol

guigsy2821d ago

Super Mario Galaxy is the highest rated exclusive this generation.

UnwanteDreamz2821d ago

Well this is true if you are standing in my living room. I don't know about the other 100 million + gamers in the world.

littletad2821d ago

Is that the only argument you have, or is there more? Considering this article says nothing on the subject.

LiL T2821d ago

@AACE5. Actually if you read you would know its at a event in Tokyo so his statement is true. Kind like how people state that a console outsells everything in the world but forgot to mention that they think america is the world.

N4g_null2820d ago

The wii is still on top in japan in total sales. Same goes for games. Just another empty attemp at keeping moral high.

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PandaJenkins2821d ago

It isn't, it is just typical things every company says about their own products being turned into a hit gaining news title -_-.

SixZeroFour2821d ago

a table sits at the center of my living room :S

RyuCloudStrife2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

"It (PS3) has won my living room, and that makes me happy."

- The_Science_Guy.

TheObserver2821d ago

Sony uses Blu-Ray

Flawless victory!

And new PC comes with Blu-Ray player these days.

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