FYI: We Know The PS3 Was Hacked & The PSP2 Will Be Announced

Isaiah Taylor of the writes: "At the beginning of most years for the gaming industry news rolls in at a snails pace. So when we see that the PS3 was hacked when does the news become advertisement? The PSP2 will be announced hours after me posting this, will the games press actually report news or accidentally advertise the handheld?"

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R2D22824d ago

As long as Sony keeps Geohotz in court or jail, Sony should be ok.

the_best_player2824d ago

"The PSP2 Will Be Announced"

Already has been and whats up with the fake pic lol

Blaze9292824d ago

I wonder how secure the PSP2 will be. Afterall, it's still just a handheld. But if the security is designed like the PS3, only this time without having the same idiot who made the random keys the same random numbers every time, then Sony should be ok.

PSP1 was done just months after it's release. No doubt Sony is putting all their funds and focus into keeping this device secure.

-Superman-2824d ago

Say something new FYI
We all knew it

MGRogue20172824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

The PSP2 will suffer the same fate.

It may not have it's security keys leaked.. but it will sure as hell get hacked wide open to allow custom firmware and wait for it.. Pirated games/ISOS.

Geohot will most likely be the one to hack it. He hinted about doing it in that interview on G4TV's Attack of The Thingy show I saw a while ago..

the_best_player2824d ago

as a joke you forgot to say

Lirky2824d ago

Since ps3 keys were leaked i guess if sony still make firmwares etc. sony needs to make a firmware where its not using the same type of code system but something new.

MintBerryCrunch2824d ago

cant, you would compromise every other game that was released with those keys in mind...

golsilva2824d ago

hey if its the same as the ps3 then it will take at least 5 years or so. thats good enough for the userbase to be built up and enough software sold to convince 3rd party devs to keep making games for the handheld