Andriasang: PlayStation Meeting 2011 Live Blog

Andriasang: Sony is announcing stuff in Tokyo, and we're on hand for live coverage.

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Otheros002874d ago

He's doing a live blog of a live blog.

coolasj2874d ago

OH CRAP. I thought this was tomorrow at 11AM or something!! DAMMIT I wanted to get some sleep before my classes tomorrow :P

Otheros002874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

It's going to start in 10 mins.

Edit: make that NOW.

saint_john_paul_ii2874d ago

so any final predictions before this conference starts? keep in mind, apparently, people are saying that there will be a few PS3 announcements as well..

SpartanPrince2874d ago

UnchartedPSP-Bend studio have been quiet lately and have experience doing 3rd person shooter. ND was also mum when asked about expanding the UC games
LBP2PSP-they did it with the first one
MonsterHunter-because its the PSP
MetalGear-same reason/maybe SnakeEater3D
GT-announced but not coming for a loooong while

Michael-Jackson2874d ago

This better be good and not about the Xperia Play.

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