Treyarch is Officially COD's B-Team

If you haven’t heard by now, Treyarch and Activision stand accused of delivering a shoddy version of Black Ops for PS3 owners. Adding fuel to this controversy is the “Xbox Live Party Chat” error in the latest patch. With this, [we] think we should call it: Treyarch is Call of Duty’s B-Team.

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Warprincess1162847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Well i don't play COD alot but when i do. The game plays just fine. The problem is some people be playing the game for hours and i guess they get errors. Play 1-10 matches a day. I don't understand how people could play more than that. I usually get bored. Also Xbox party chat was disabled for a reason. If you played gears of war 2, you would know why.

smoothdude2847d ago

I can't believe that we are still talking about this!

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

What people do not understand is that its obvious that black ops was rushed to meet its november deadline. If they had another month or two everything would've been good on the Ps3 Version.
You can blame activision for this

Also in my opinion World At War was the best Call of Duty. I just loved Ww2 :) But yeah im finished with Cod series, Black ops ruined it for me. Sold the game 1 week after release. (great storyline though)
For the next cod they better update the gameplay a bit or i will not buy it. Cods only a Run n Gun game and its gotten boring.

Soldierone2847d ago

@above Look at Treyarchs other titles. If they were to make this game live up to MW2 then it wouldnt even be released this year, that studio would of needed a lot more time. They never built anything on their own, they always use other studios and build off that. Its a given fact and its a fact that proves they are a B team and not a leading team. When has COD ever changed with their title? Never its always IW.

That being said beinga B team and never building their own game from the ground up, its obvious why the issues cant be addressed. They simply dont know what to do. I blame Activision for wanting y early titles and making Treyarch look bad, but still both parties are to blame. Treyarch wanted the money just as bad.

AndrewRyan2847d ago

I feel bad for developers getting forced by Activision to meet the deadline for every call of duty game.

Sizzon2847d ago

Was Xbox Party Chat disabled in this 1.06 patch?

malandra2847d ago

this might've been news like 2 years ago, but even then every gamer already knew it

FishCake9T42847d ago

The reason Cod became so popular is because of IW.
COD 4 - The main reason it became so popular
MW2 - A Youtube culture of watching Call of Duty games went mainstream.

Maximus Corruptor2847d ago

I want Infinity Ward back Activision!....nnnooowwww!!!!

LoaMcLoa2847d ago

After MW2? Heeeeell no!

R2D22847d ago

AHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA - Back of the bus for you TreyArch.

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PatchowPietro2847d ago

The game is still better than MW2 however. Shame PS3 owners get ****ed

Pixelated_Army2847d ago

That's what I thought at first but after a couple of months of playing
BlOps yeah, no... MW2 still has the edge over BlOps. I sold my copy of BlOps already and like I said I don't miss playing it one bit.

And no the hacking issue hasn't affected me because I applied the hack to my copy of MW2 and only play in matches where I'm host.

Infinity Ward never had any of the issues we're currently experiencing with Treyarch. They truly are a second rate studio and they've proved this by not being able to fix these same damn issues for over three months now....fucking ridiculous.

RedRedSuitSDF2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

I don't know how it can be the B- team. Maybe just the PS3 and PC are the B- platforms to play COD BO on. I have had nothing but great times playing the newest COD on my 360, and for me and my friends, it's been the best COD since part 4.

Sucks for those of you with only a PS3, or play only on PC. Multi console ownership, FTW!

edit.. @venom... i said.. "maybe just the ps3 and pc.." Maybe being the key word. Funny how some dude with a site is saying his opinion is fact calling Tryarch the B- team. I'd like to see this guy create a video game who wrote his little article.

VenomProject2847d ago

lol @ PS3 and PC being "B" platforms.

I lol'd so hard.

DeathMetal14742847d ago

actually have games in Hd unlike the xbox.

Oldsnake0072847d ago

yes I loved GTa4, RDr, and MGS4 on my ps3 . awesome HD games.. ow wait....

Simco8762847d ago

Just another example why CoD needs to take a year off. People are getting pissed.

Its easy... take a year off, come out with an amazing game since you have more time. Its not like Activision doesn't make money. They have WoW and Guitar Hero..

Come on... take a year off and make an amazing game

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