TLR: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Preview

KJ of TLR Writes "To explain the overall feel of the game, take A hint of Killzone 2 for its graphics, throw in Halo Reach for the perks, COD’s controls, and you have yourself Crysis 2. While some will complain that it borrows from these games too much, reality is there’s not many games that don’t anymore. Crytek just took the traits that TLR loves from each and blended it into an experience that feels absolutely fresh."

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DualConsoleOwner2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

PC version was amazing, but console version did not look good at all.

KZ2 (2 year old PS3 game) looks far better than Crysis 2 on xbox 360.

well, i guess this confirms that xbox 360 is maxed out..

even crytek cant improve its graphics

nygamer282825d ago

you played crysis 2 on pc????? dont be a graphics whore