My wife shoots people in the head, then presses reset

Bitmob Community Writer David Banahan: Every human being will want to avoid a few things when the world ends: rednecks with shotguns, power-hungry sociopaths, and my wife. My wife is a killer. A ruthless thug who will gun you down in your home for a can of gasoline or a pair of biker goggles to accessorize her outfit. And then she'll press the reset button like nothing ever happened. Unless, she really loves those goggles.

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Focker4202874d ago

I'm gonna start playing games 'for real' from now on. Like in Fallout New Vegas, my first five minutes in and I immediately killed everyone in Goodsptings. Only to reload just so I could play the missions. I should have just gone with it. There were no current missions and a vast desert to explore, yet I had to restart. I cheated myself.

illegalyouth2874d ago

I'll never understand gamers' compulsive nature to continually reload for a "perfect" game -- why not just roll with the punches? The struggle is always more interesting than the finale.

BX812874d ago

This the same way I felt after every mission in Iraq! Let's just run that back one more gin!

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