TheGamerBuzz: Crysis 2 Demo Impressions

TheGamerBuzz writes:
"I’ve been somewhat intrigued with Crytek’s upcoming first–person shooter. Ever since E3 last year, I’ve wondered how the game that sold thousands of graphics cards would fare on consoles. From the demo that was released yesterday, the answer is not good."

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nygamer282917d ago

i hated it at first,but after a few gameplays its pretty,but might be a rental for me

ABizzel12917d ago

I couldn't play it, because I couldn't change the controls to work for me. It looks great, and easily one of the best looking console games, but hopefully they give you fully customizable controls or else it's a no buy for me.

I just can deal with the how move and sprinting is. When it's on the same stick it doesn't work for me, and when I changed it to the Right stick it still didn't work, because I had to look around with the right stick while holding it down to sprint.

jdktech20102917d ago

how do you play every other shooter out there? I wasn't aware you could move the sprint button on consoles?

Not that I want to because it would totally ruin my play but just wondering

ABizzel12916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I like to be able to use the left stick to move, while pushing the right stick to run.

But in the demo, even after switching it you have to use the Left stick to move forward, then push the right stick to run, then move the right stick at the same time to turn corners. It's just awkward, and personally it doesn't work for me. The quick fix is to offer customizable controls, which I don't understand why every shooter doesn't do this by now.

I think the default controls have you use the left stick to move forward, while pushing the left stick to run, then using the right stick to turn, but that's even worse to me.

mightyboot2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

"Crytek shows little creativity with this demo and its multiplayer component. It has kill streaks at three, five, and seven intervals just like Call of Duty. It has the same load out and challenges for players to strive for as their grinding up levels. It even has the same ridiculous lag that the Call of Duty games are known for."

wow...that sounds incredibly bad.

Crysis will end up as an A(8/10) title like Far Cry 2 probably.

IHateYouFanboys2917d ago

the thing is though, that hes wrong.

yes you have kill streaks at 3-5-7 kills......but theyre not so much 'kill streaks' as 'kill the person and go over to their body and retrieve their dog tags streaks'. in order to get kill streaks you actually have to go to their body and get their dog tags, so players that just sit back and snipe etc wont be earning any kill streaks.

it also doesnt have the same load-outs and challenges as Call of Duty. i cant remember levelling up my invisibility cloak in COD, can you? i cant remember being able to make my shield ability use less energy in COD, can you? just because its got challenges for x amount of kills with gun y doesnt mean its copying call of duty lol. every multiplayer shooter has challenges like this, it provides longevity and replay value.

Crysis 2s gameplay is unique, and personally im loving it. so much strategy brought to it just through the shield/cloaking abilities.

mightyboot2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

But the "ridiculous lag" part got my attention you see cause i actually enjoy playing Far Cry 2 MP when there´s no lag on it if you know what i mean.

emitcowboys2917d ago

I respectfully disagree. I think the multiplayer is a major disappointment because Crytek chose to model their multiplayer too much after COD.

While upgrading my cloak and shield are different, it doesn't really matter as both are implemented very poorly.

Saying I'm wrong is incorrect, you "disagree" with me.

Seijoru2917d ago

So 90% of the preview articles are wrong? They all had problems with the multiplayer.

IHateYouFanboys2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

"I think the multiplayer is a major disappointment because Crytek chose to model their multiplayer too much after COD. "

how did they model it after COD though? just because a few people that hate crysis because it beats Killzone 3 in the graphics department criticize it and call it a COD clone doesnt actually mean its true.

so im asking you to please explain to us how it has been modelled after Call of Duty.

@Seijoru: "So 90% of the preview articles are wrong? They all had problems with the multiplayer."

well its not 90%, and none of the reputable ones have had major problems with it.

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Xfanboy2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

what does farcry 2 have to do with crysis??

S_C2917d ago

Dont know what youve been playing but there hasnt been 1 bit of lag with me

Winkle922917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

You know, its very interesting to see others impressions. I was actually pretty disappointed with the demo (when I thought I would love it). Of course I just thought it was me with the lag but apparently not. Obviously this was just a demo but because of this I'm probably going to rent, then decide if I want to buy. I really want to like Crysis but at this point I'm kinda underwhelmed.

And also, it was really annoying that there was no tutorial or even explanation of the controls! I didnt know about picking up dog tags to get the kill streaks and it took a while to figure out all the button effects and combos. Wish they the developers had made that more clear...

And one more thing, cloak+sprint+instant melee kills= way overpowered. I found that was the easiest way to get a kill actually. Forget bullets. But thats just my two cents.

Olvipoika2917d ago

I will get this for singleplayer experiense in mind , mp looks kinda boring based what demo offers..........