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"The first Witcher game released in a dark time for PC gaming. Back in 2007, PC gaming was in an unstoppable decline, and it seemed like nothing could make any money save for World of Warcraft. This was long before Facebook and independent gaming revitalized the gaming scene on PC. The Witcher was a high-spec PC game in an era when few people had high-spec PCs."

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ATiElite2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

This game is gonna be huge, can't wait.

Now as far as the editor talking about "PC gaming was in an unstoppable decline before Facebook revitalized it"! WTF, are you SERIOUS! FACEBOOK! get the f outta here.

This guy knows jack shit about PC gaming. The Witcher was not a high spec game in 2007 especially when compared to other games that were released in 2007 like oh I don't know.... CRYSIS, STALKER, Armed Assault, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 are a few games that most people couldn't even run maxed out until 2008, STALKER and CRYSIS 2009 and Crysis required a $2000 PC.

As far as decline, PC expands every year but I won't list all the AAA PC titles that released in 2007 Like The Orange Box, Bioshock, Civ IV, Total war 2, Oblivion, Company of heroes, LOTR online and many others.

sorry for the rant but I hate when ppl bad mouth PC gaming but know ZERO about it.

LMS2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

this author(if you can call him that) is a puke stain...

pc gaming never declines, it constantly grows, unlike console that for the first year they are out, have no one playing them except the early adapter(people like me with money that do not give a shit about $600) then the next 3 years they grow, then people move back to pc untill all thats left playing the consoles are poor people and little kids, then boom, new consoles come out, cycle repeats ad nauseum.

PC just keeps on trucking

30 million just on steam, another 15 mill D2D, impulse, GOG, amazon downloads, direct from manufatur downloads, from retail, order online

PC SHITS on console in every way possible