1UP - PSP in Memoriam: Remembering Sony's Troubled Handheld

1UP - Sony is slated to reveal its PlayStation Portable 2 system sometime within the next 24 hours. The PSP2 has been the worst-kept secret in the industry for the past year -- everyone knows it's coming, and we have a pretty good idea of its features, too -- so it seems likely that the company has been holding back the official unveiling until the ideal moment to take the wind out of Nintendo's 3DS hype. This means, obviously, that the original PSP is on its way out the door. Rather than simply cry, "Good riddance!" with a firm hand to its back, we'd like to usher PSP to its retirement with a more measured appraisal of all the the console did that was both right and wrong. As a small bonus, we'll also offer our best informed guesses for how well Sony will duplicate the PSP's successes and sidestep its failings with its next-gen handheld.

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GodHandDee2874d ago

Another doom and gloom article which bitches about the same thing

It didn't do as well as the competition, so it didn't do good.

And if you actually looks past titles like Ghost of Sparta, Peace Walker, Retribution etc. You will see not all games depended on power with the psp, games Locoroco or Patapon or Hammering Hero they were all great games on the go

This is more like psp in bitching than memoriam, for shame 1Up didn't think you would jump into that same bandwagon as well

Seijoru2874d ago

It did well enough for Sony's first foray into the handheld department.

GodHandDee2874d ago

Exactly! They are the first major opponent Nintendo had in the handheld market

NiKK_4192874d ago

yea n besides i'm glad sony doesn't go for only sales, cuz if they did, they wouldnt be what they are, n that is good for everyone, not just casuals, it's for the hardcore. and i knew they would start saying this, "worst kept secret." my ass, everything released is mockups anyway, or just speculation, no actual leaks, besides a couple things, i think apple has done way worse in this regard, iphones and ipads are known well before announcement nowadays.

jony_dols2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I think Sony have done a very good job at containing most info about the PSP2, up until this Sony meeting was announced everything else was just sheer explanation. And no one has a clue what its final design will be.

With the addition of dual analog sticks, Sony only needs one bit of software to capture their target age group (16-35) in the West.

COD Portable.

Even though Uncharted PSP is the game I most anticipate,
if Sony cut a deal with Activision, a console quality port would shift millions of PSP2 units, no bother.

TBM2874d ago

wow so selling over 65 million units is fail? man i'd hate to see what real fail looks like.

mrv3212874d ago


ALSO I'm saying Kin not because it's Microsoft but rather because it sold 500 copies, not 500,000 OR 500 MILLION but 500, more iPhones are sold every 10 seconds ( guessing )

NiKK_4192874d ago

the kin was a nice concept though for people not into a full fledged smartphone, but it was verizon's data pricing that killed it, it had the same price as a smartphone. wanting to get windows phone 7 though, but hopefully sony adds an app for that too, cuz i love the phone, but wish it was psn instead of live, best of both worlds :), but sadly, no.

Rageanitus2874d ago

Considering the psp did pretty well for a first console

yewles12874d ago

The stupidity level is through the roof with this article.

nevin12874d ago

It did well enough to warrant a successor.

PR_FROM_OHIO2874d ago

Go figure another negative article towards SONY!!!!

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