Microsoft = Evil? Writes:

Now, I don’t agree with a few of the policies that Microsoft has gotten in the past or the way they treat some customers. Sure, we’ve all felt some irritation parting with our money to play online or angst when Microsoft buys out timed exclusives.

However, even now I must say that they are getting a worse reputation than is necessary, with insignificant things being blown up into huge scandals and displays of Microsoft’s ”Evil”

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Kran2826d ago

Why do you think I bought a PS3? When Microsoft are bastards, I go on my PS3 for a little while until they've [somehow] redeemed themselves.....

OK thats a complete lie. My PS3 is just for the exclusives :P All multiplay goes on my 360, as disappointing as that may sound. PS3, in my eyes, is a console where I can freelly play the exclusives. Theres way too many to pass up :P I mean, cmon, my 360 has to have some use, and the exclusives that are released are [kinda] good.

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DaBadGuy2826d ago

That's pretty much how it works for me too. I use the 360 for multiplats and exclusives, and PS3 for blu-rays and exclusives.

writersblock2826d ago

Exactly, all these companies get slammed for the most trivial things

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The story is too old to be commented.