Rumor: PSN coming on Feb. 16 to Israel

4 Years after the PS3 has launched, Sony shows it cares for the Holy Land. Several different sources have told the leading news web site in Israel that the service will be available on February 16, and will be identical to the European PSN. Prices will even be shown in Israeli currency (NIS).


This story was just confirmed!

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loadstone0072820d ago

No more fake PSN accounts for us in Israel! :)

Istanbull2820d ago

I'm glad you guys get PSN, now we need a Turkish one aswel.

Blacktric2820d ago

Turkey already has a PSN Store. Sony opened it in last September (7th if I'm not mistaken).

loadstone0072820d ago

Weird, since Turkey is a part of Europe.

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JonLon2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

On topic: wow, I never realized places like Israel and Turkey still didn't have PSN! Thought I saw PSN users glowing on that 3D globe, but I guess that was just [email protected] (didn't they change the name of that program? Ah well, I remember it as [email protected] lol).

Edit: Just saw Blacktric's comment, well that's good. Anyone know how many places (other than obviously undeveloped areas) are still without PSN?

Blacktric2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

We might have a PSN store maybe but some content's (like Mass Effect 2) prices are outrageously high since they use UK Store's pricing. And there are tons of missing old content and we still don't have Home. Though I'm happy that we can at least buy things with our credit cards instead of buying prepaid cards from 3rd party websites by paying 5-10 bucks more for a 20 dollar card.

JonLon2820d ago

Oh yea, UK/European pricing is usually over the top.. that sucks. Well, here's hoping they bring more content and lower the prices. I still remember how long it took them just to bring $20 and $50 PSN cards to Canada and when they did they still managed to mess it up (the cards were invalid for some reason). However, Sony did make amends by crediting everyone that had the problem, and immediately moving to replace the cards in stores.

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