Killzone 3 - Bilgarsk Boulevard Multiplayer

Intense Killzone 3 Multiplayer Footage - Bilgarsk Boulevard

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visualb2820d ago

imho this level looks better than the jungle one =O

both look amazing though

The real killer2820d ago

The Jungle is one of a hell differend setting ;)
Both looks very stunning.

InFAMOUS12820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

This level is totally different...

This game IS the perfect example of what happens when you have a talented developer backed by a 'gaming' publisher.... CoD who? Activision what? Crysis is what now?

This is the future of console gaming and Sony and GG are delivering it early!!! Whoever has a PS3 and decides not to spend 60 bucks on this does not deserve to hold a controller!!

EDIT: Off Topic: Anyone know why they are using the 'fat' version of PS3 in these trailers?? seems kinda weird....

CYCLEGAMER2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Yeah this does look really good, but that doesn't take anything away from crysis though, they both look amazing.

Good job GG for taking graphics up a notch.

Good job Crytek for being able to bring killzone 2 graphics to the 360.

I am happy to be a gamer.

First I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are NOT a fanboy since your screen name is "infamous". Second I never said that Crysis 2 is bringing KZ2 graphics to the PS3 (maybe you made a typo).

As far as my hardware is concerned, I am using a samsung 50" 1080p 240ghz 3d tv and I am very confident is saying that Crysis 2 does bring KZ2 type graphics to the 360.

Now that I have answered your questions can you truthfully answer mine??

Do you have a 360 or are you ps3 only?
Have you played both crysis 2 and KZ2?
What kind of tv/monitor do you have?

InFAMOUS12820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

really dude? Playin up the 'gamer' side... You can go that route all you want, but to suggest that Crysis 2 is brining KZ2 graphics to PS3 is just a plain lie... If you truly believe that can you PLEASE tell me what you are using to make this verdict.. i.e TV/Monitor etc... I really am sorry man but I just don't see what you are talking about... You are right thou in that it is good to be a gamer!

OK it was a type it meant to say KZ2 graphics to 360.
I actually have the exact same TV as you just the 55... I assume you have the C7000 series?
I own 3 current consoles and a gaming PC... I am a PS3 fanboy and have no problems with that! HOWEVER, I do give credit when credit is due and Crysis 2 is NOT brining KZ2 graphics to the 360.. I am not even going to give you side by side comparisons cuz there is enough of them out there already and they all prove what I am talking about.. Crysis 2 lighting is AMAZING! No doubt, the player animations are superb and on my PC it will look better then any console or PC game ever created, but this is not what we are talking about! On the 360 there appears to be NO AA and thus resulting in a game that looks like a PS3 port from 2 years ago... I read through your comment history and while you say you are a gamer, all you seem to do is bash N4G and the users that are on here.. It is a well known fact that PS3 fans live here, if you don't like it then you should bounce, or just accept the fact that you are the minority when visiting! Oh and not that it matters but my xbox has not been turned on since Gears 2 and will not be turned on until Viva Pinata 2 comes out hahahahahaah

TKCMuzzer2820d ago

I just played the Crysis 2 demo on the 360. Very disappointed in it visually. Any one who comes on here and says it looks as good as Killzone 3 either, has no PS3, or has not played Killzone 3.

vickers5002820d ago

"Off Topic: Anyone know why they are using the 'fat' version of PS3 in these trailers??"

Because it looks better than the Slim.

CYCLEGAMER2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

LOL....soooo you admit that you are bias (which is a good thing).

My problem with your comment/assessment is that you are obviously comparing the games based off of screen shots (bad idea for any gamer), you said that your 360 is under your bed so you clearly cant debate with me because you have not played crysis on that beautiful tv of yours.

As far as my comment history how far back did you go? I have only recently started talking about the fanboys on this site because the fanboyism on this site has now reached an all time low. I love this site FOR THE GAME NEWS, game updates, and the layout.

The problem is not me accepting the fanboys because I have for almost 2 years now, but the problem is the fanboys accepting that there are unbiased opinions out there. I am going to "keep it real" reguardles of what this sites fanbase is.

starchild2820d ago

Nobody has to accept the stupid behavior of anybody. N4G is a site for all gamers but it just happens to be overrun with some of the most rabid fanboys ever seen.

Anybody that says Crysis 2 looks bad or is way worse than Killzone 3 is just lying, plain and simple. I can understand people having a difference preference for one graphical approach or another, but acting like there is some wide gulf between them is simply dishonest.

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hobo512820d ago

all i can say is add radic acadamy to the map selection, and the mp will be the greatest ever. (and if they fixed the recoil from the beta)

BiggCMan2820d ago

Radec Acedem was awful and full of noobs with no skill. It was full of shotguns and launchers, and you could barely stay alive. And the recoil in the beta was fine, would you prefer less recoil? Killzone's gameplay is about realism. From the movements of the characters, the reactions of them being hit by the bullets, the sound of guns, recoil. I rarely play Killzone 2 anymore because every single game was on Radec Academy. I definitely hope there isn't a new map like that one. Killzone 2 is a fantastic game otherwise, and I am highly anticipating this one.

hobo512820d ago

u are intitled to your opinion, but i was suggesting more recoil as the guns in the beta had incredible accuracy, which really ruined a perfectly good mp

Jack-Pyro2820d ago

I'm sorry, but hasn't this footage been submitted like 5 times....we get it already, this game's gonna blow us away, but you don't need to spam N4G with the video....

TheShow012820d ago

Jack Pyro .... I submitted this video, I saw it for the first time today but didn't know it was already on N4G ... my apologies ... I am just excited that my first submission got approved !!! YEA BABY !!!

MGRogue20172820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

It's Killzone 3 or PS3 related.. of course it's going to be approved lol :D

Jack-Pyro2820d ago

People make mistakes, and to be fair, your not the first to submit the video (again).

It's all good, and congrats on getting it approved, lol

MGRogue20172820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

*holds arms out*

PlayStation 3 FTW!

Killzone 3 FTW!


N4G FTW? ... Ya, N4G FTW!

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