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GiantBomb "The variety afforded by LBP2's more sophisticated tools allow creators to build levels that are exponentially more complicated and interesting than what was possible in the first game. By Jeff Gerstmann"

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2826d ago
lastdual2826d ago

Hehe, we all knew Jeff was pumped for LBP2. Glad to see it lived up to his expectations.

JonnyBigBoss2826d ago

Gerstmann! This review is solid.

Chris3992826d ago

utterly sub-par DCUO review. before giving the man props. Can't even reach endgame in 20 hours. But I'm sure it's totally thorough. /sarcasm

This is just damage control.

Canucks232826d ago

Or... Maybe LBP2 is actually amazing, and DCUO not so much.

RememberThe3572826d ago

Shut the hell up. They give DCUO poor review and now they suck? Get the f*ck outta here.

These guys love games not consoles. They don't feel the need to make fanboys feel good. How is it that you can criticism them but not think that maybe he actually didn't like DCUO? God forbid people have different opinions. But no, that can't be possible, he must just be a babbling idiot. Get over it. DCUO is not for everyone and he was one of those people the game is not for. LBP isn't for me but you don't see me going around slamming reviews that I don't agree with.

Chris3992826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

There's a lot of anger in your post. You should talk to someone.

I never slammed the game at all either, I questioned the reviewer and his ability to give qualified reviews. It's clear that LBP 2 is a blockbuster masterpiece, and I'm going to pick it up after the summer myself. Read more, rage less.

Elven62826d ago

According to Gerstmann, he did reach the end game, just because you can't doesn't mean others can't either. If he didn't, given the review score he gave the game he surely would have been called out on it by Sony employees.

And don't worry, MMO companies do it all the time.

Chris3992826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

A league? There's no way to see the content otherwise, ques were up to 7 hours till a few days ago. 20 hours is BARELY enough to reach lvl cap - that's with coffee and a diaper and no sleep. It isn't enough for anyone to see the depth of the content, not even enough to scratch the surface.

This place and you silly bickering people are a waste of my time. Oh, and I've reached end game and I'm enjoying it immensely; well ahead of the curve - have 3 pieces of tier and have done each of the major raids. Thanks for your smarmy remark anyhow. It was a shoddy review, and people are only rallying to this one because of Little Big Planet (2), which I've never disputed as being a fantastic game. Peace.

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garos822826d ago

ive been playing it for 2 days now and it trully trumps the original by miles. its really addictive just going to the online community and discovering plenty of pleasant suprises and varieties in gameplay.
this gets nothing but perfect score in my book so far and i havent even finished the story mode!

Szarky2826d ago

I think I'm the only one that thinks that the 1st one trumped the 2nd one in story mode at least. The 2nd feels so weird and wrong. The level design and theme of the game in my opinion is absolutely horrible. This is coming from someone who loved the 1st and got a platinum even.

Shield2826d ago

That photo they used reminds me of Bobby Hill. :D

Love the game, good review.