Would-Be Batman: Arkham City trailer is fishy, let's take a closer look

This is fun! A supposedly leaked trailer billing itself as "Batman: Arkham City - Warner Bros - Trailer Fight" has made its way to French video-sharing site Kewego. The approximately 2-minute clip features our fearless Dark Knight beating up baddies with ... the Joker?

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LtSkittles2874d ago

Totally fake, but still kind of neat.

xino2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

it's real man!

the video on Youtube was pulled out saying it's copyright by Warner Bros, meaning this is real!

It must be an unlockable mode after finishing the storymode for first time

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

StanLee2874d ago

Why would it be fake? And how would a fake trailer feature the voice acting of Mark Hamil and Kevin Conroy? If it's fake, it would have to come from Rocksteady themselves.

sjaakiejj2874d ago

That part's explained in the article. The voice overs are lifted straight from Arkham Asylum.

LtSkittles2874d ago

What Sjaakiejj said. "Dear old Bats, I thought you'd do better that," is also from Arkham Asylum, Joker releases his first Titan thug, and Batman beats him up, then a cutscene Joker is on top of crate like thing, and Batman is about to throw a batarang at the Joker.

Rusco872874d ago

It's not fake, its either an early idea from Arkham Asylum, and it was one of the challenge maps where there was a co-op factor, or...

It's for Arkham City, and there will be a Co-Op challenge map mode

LtSkittles2874d ago

No, it's fake. Read the article.

Zydake2874d ago

idk but at 1:00 - 1:05 it looked like Joker assisted batman with that KO that's what got me interested.

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Kon2874d ago

Very well made fake.

VenomProject2874d ago

Either it's some kind of bonus mode in Arkham City, or it's totally fake.

I'm betting on the latter.

undercovrr2874d ago

hmm.. it could be fake. The first couple of lines joker and batman say are from the first game.

morganfell2874d ago

It's likely a fake but legitimate videos lifting lines from previous work is nothing new.

Sugreev20012874d ago

Voice-overs are definitely from the first Arkham game.Joker says those lines in the very first chapter itself.But it does looks too good to be fake.Also,Joker isn't exactly beloved by other villains of Gotham City and he is a very capable hand-to-hand combatant too.Anyways,makes me even more hyped about the game.

LtSkittles2874d ago

Those are Joker's thugs from the first game too. They were sent to Arkham, because of a fire at BlackGate Prison.

Zydake2874d ago

Maybe they just put these things together to gives the gamers hope for co-op since we were seduced to those robin and bat girl photos

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