Trouble Kinect-ing With Gamers in Indonesia

When Microsoft announced in June 2009 that it was planning to develop a gadget that would enable users to play games simply by moving their bodies or giving out voice commands, it seemed too good to be true. And in a way, it was.

Introduced at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Kinect seemed to be a futuristic apparatus that would get rid of the physical barriers between players and their games once and for all. Early demonstrations presented an array of new experiences.

Players could mime driving with a virtual steering wheel and see their car zoom through a racetrack while performing aerial stunts. They could engage in kung fu fights in which their onscreen avatars would realistically mimic their real-life movements.

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btk2825d ago

And the reality is coming...
Kinect is a gadget. Without a 500M marketing budget there the gamers relied on their own experience - and the result is Kinect is not selling.

Like the Federal Reserve fiasco, the USA seems to first want to be bitten before waking up - if they wake up.

Kran2825d ago

That "Kinect-ing" joke is getting old.

Sadly, that jokes gonna be around for many years to come..... oh joy ¬¬

Warprincess1162825d ago

See this is what happen when people blindly buy things because it looks cool. Gaming is not ready for kinect. Most people like to have buttons. People need feedback. When im playing a shooter, it would be more fun on PSMove or a regular controller. I think kinect sales will eventually fail and people start to see kinect is just a gimmick.