The PlayStation Phone Finally Previewed and Tested – Dead Sexy or Dead on Arrival?

Dave Oshry of RipTen: Now, although the PlayStation phone is indeed quite cool - it’s not for me. I like to keep my gaming devices and phones separate.

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CrzyFooL2825d ago

I'd rather have a PSP2 and an awesome phone than a flimsy gaming phone. They said it even has the Oreo effect where it slides around while closed. Also, what is with the 'touch' thumbsticks - I'm sorry but I'm not sold on this.

Ryudo2825d ago

Yep unless they give this phone access to PSN and all the PSP games on the store there it doesn't really interest me at all.

Hitman07692825d ago

I'd much rather have the PSP2 also but I am coming around to the idea of the PS Phone as well.

Ju2825d ago

What's up with the hate. I mean, anybody wants a GalaxyS? Would trade it for that. Not that it's any better - besides 2.3 - but it's not worse either. And it has buttons and Playstation games. Sure no Altrix, but that why one would get a PSP2 for anyway.

specialguest2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I'm seriously considering selling my Galaxy S for this PS Phone. PS Phone might be slightly higher in specs, but it's the slide out controlpad that I'm sold on. I'm still waiting for more info on this phone though.

silvacrest2825d ago

not sure if you read my earlier comments but i'll say it again

the haters want this to fail only so the PSP2 can have all the spot light, nevermind that this is still a sony device and they can coexist

this blog didn't even bother to mention that engadget had a prototype version and that we shouldn't judge it to harshly,

also, the guy was so biased god knows why he even bothered giving it a run down

IcarusOne2825d ago

Those touch sticks are either the Achilles heel or the trojan horse. But I'm not that interested. I agree with the author - I prefer to keep my phones and gaming devices separate.

Invadersims2824d ago

I want a really nice phone and a really nice mobile gaming device. I don't want something that's decent at both.

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Kreyg2825d ago

I still have a flip phone from like 2007 and want to get something more modern. While this looks like it could be pretty damn awesome, let's see how it works out when it's released.

joydestroy2825d ago

i would wait for a Tegra 2 powered dual core device before i'd jump on this. it may not have those controls, and it may not have playstation games, but graphically and performance wise a Tegra 2 device would kill this easily.

if i were you, i'd get said device and a PSP2 and call it a day. just my opinion, of course.

Trroy2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

He'd like to keep his gaming devices and phone separate...

He likes to carry as many little devices around as possible? Wierd.

I actually see this phone as something of an upgrade to the PSP Go. If my PSP Go would work as an Android phone... well that would be really awesome.

CrzyFooL2825d ago

I agree - but this thing does not look as sturdy as the PSPgo even. How about a PSP2 that could make calls . . .yeahhhhh

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