These Angry Birds Cupcakes Look a Real Tweet!

John from NAGF writes: "Sorry for the dreadful pun, we couldn’t resist! On one of our jaunts to the Twitterverse earlier today, we came across user @bobbiealice, who posted this picture of some fantastic looking Angry Birds cupcakes. And how about some dastardly pigs with some buttercream icing? Enough of our babble. Just enjoy the view…"

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MelonieMac2825d ago

haha wow, those are so cute!!

NotAGF2825d ago

Haha, aren't they just! We've just updated the post with a big, bad (delicious-looking) momma Angry Bird.

MelonieMac2825d ago

Wow, now that is cool! So detailed, I love these! Something like that would go over really well at a lan party. haha!

I really like your site. I'll be keeping up! :)