GamerFitNation's Dance Central Review

GamerFitNation gives their review of Harmonix's Dance Central for The Kinect.

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xtheownerzx2874d ago

haven't really gotten into the kinect but ive heard good things about it.

EasilyTheBest2874d ago

Its a great game. Works flawlessly aswell.
If your getting Kinect I recommend Dance Central and Kinect Sports, the two best games by far in my opinion.

xtheownerzx2874d ago

thanks ill look into when i get some extra cash. :)

baodeus2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

agree. It is like real dancing, more like dancing course. Although kinect sports is sadly underrated. Rare did really well with this title. So much fun.

NJShadow2874d ago

I've heard a LOT about this game, but have yet to play it. It's supposed to be pretty decent, especially since Harmonix had a hand in it.


Yeah Personally I really like the game more then most music games.

jaredhart2874d ago

I heard its good. might get for my girl.