A Launch Line up which will make PSP2 work

Gamersmint writes: Gamersmint makes a wishlist of 12 such games which will make a amazing launch line-up for the PSP2.

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ksense2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

A new uncharted will make me buy it if the price is not more than $300.

I would love a new metal gear and final fantasy 7 remake or something

mrv3212826d ago

Sony could snag the Android OS for very little they and Google seem close, They will no doubt be using a mobile chip, so it won't be costing them an arm and a leg in developement and production. OLED Sony tech pretty costly atm, for large screen, a touch screen OLED might cost a bit.

3G is dirt cheap

Really there's nothing too alarming, HOWEVER... phones with a contract cost $600 with similar, that could simply be to prevent people from buying a phone for $200 and going to a cheaper network.

ThanatosDMC2826d ago

Bad list without Monster Hunter which is the game that can sell millions of consoles.

Karooo2826d ago

i hope its priced right

smurfz2826d ago

I would like to see great third-party titles, that's crucial in my opinion. Nintendo's third party line-up is amazing and Sony needs one to. IF they are to succeed.

ArcFatalix2826d ago

killzone would be nice i guess

GTmonster2826d ago

I bet this will be 500$ lol

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The story is too old to be commented.