Five things you didn't know about 'Fight Night Champion'

USA Today: For lesser-known facts about Fight Night Champion, we got in the ring with Brian Hayes, creative director and lead gameplay producer on the game.

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eggbert2917d ago

no online info given in any articles whatsoever.

I mad.

nevin12917d ago

I think those are 5 things people didn't care about.

anyway, im looking forwarded to the demo. I doubt it would impress me enough to pay $60.

Toolster2917d ago

Day one for me :) I'm still playing round 4 now

Firstkn1ghT2917d ago

Yup. Day 1 for me too. This game is a lot of fun with a couple of buddies.

Flexatron2917d ago

I hope this has motion gaming support, it just seems that would make it that much more real.