MotorStorm Apocalypse 3D Trailer…In 2D

Sony has today announced, via the PlayStation Blog, that a 3D trailer of the upcoming MotorStorm Apocalypse is available via the PSN Store for those with 3D-enabled televisions. It also provides the 2D version for those with regular sets.

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rickyjb233795d ago

where can i see the 3d version ? anyone .

KingLizzle3795d ago

Access the PSN Store on your PS3 and search for "motostorm apocalypse 3d" without the quotes. The 3D trailer should appear in the results. The video is a 141MB download.

hakis863795d ago

Sweet! Definately getting this game, and I have a 3DTV too :D

rickyjb233795d ago

cool thanks for the info Tsardom