Two Worlds II Smashing Two Worlds Sales Day 1

PI writes, "Broadcasting from the twitterverse just a short time ago was everybody's favorite PR lady Aubrey from SouthPeak Interactive..."

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Hitman07692825d ago

Two Worlds II is really knocking it out of the park. These sales are impressive for a rebound from a game a lot of people didn't like last time.

2825d ago
Bigpappy2825d ago

Actually, the first one was better than a lot of people would lead you to think. It had a lot of technical issues, but was by no means unplayable. I actually finished that game and thought is was avery good game that lacked polish. Now I have this one day one because of my good experience with the first.

2825d ago

I always love to hear that dev feels the love from their fans with increased sales on sequels. Congrats to them.

Hayabusawoman132825d ago

this game looks like one I would really like .. regardless of impressive sales game video looks interesting...

CrzyFooL2825d ago

Anything will sell better than Two Worlds 1 lol.

MaroonersRock2825d ago

We're currently playing through it right now and it's a long game. Took about 8+ hours to get through Chapter 1, and from what I hear Chapter 2 is long as well. Should be interesting to see how it ends.

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The story is too old to be commented.