How to follow the PlayStation Meeting 2011

PlayStation Informer: "Tomorrow is finally the BIG DAY !!!, the day of PlayStation Meeting 2011 continues to read to find out how to follow the event live"

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Godmars2902875d ago

Yet I know the day after half the sites are only going to attack and criticize whatever is announced even if it meets expectations.

BiggCMan2875d ago

I think we will see both sides going at it. Some sites will attack whatever is announced while others will praise it. But 1am east coast time, shit! I'm gonna be tired as hell.

Godmars2902874d ago

We always see both sides going at it. The interesting bits will be the negative articles that try to come off as being positive, and the positive articles that ignore any negatives.

Not that there are really many of the latter.

Warprincess1162875d ago

Well i have a life so im not gone to sit here and start stalking blogs but im still excited about the psp2.

xino2875d ago

who said you don't have a life?

just because people sit through watching a live event doesn't mean they don't have a life.

I personally love watching through a live event, especially when it's something like EEE3 publisher announcements!
The anticipation and excitement to know what they will announce is just so surreal!

I seriously can't wait to watch Team NINJA's unrevealing of Ninja Gaiden 3 LIVE.
FUCK, I'm gonna go mental when it happens!

Time to prepare for my Master Ninja 3 run for Ninja Gaiden 3!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is FUCKING sick!:)

Pixelated_Army2874d ago

What is this Ninja Gaiden 3 you speak of?

So what you're saying is that you like Ninja Gaiden 3? ; )

SuperStrokey11232875d ago

a girl posting on a n4g can simply not say she has a life...

xtheownerzx2875d ago

does anybody know when the live stream starts?

silvacrest2875d ago

kotaku has a list of most time zones so you might wanna check

i have to wait till 6am.....

Blacktric2875d ago

I think 8 hours left. It's January 26th 22:00 in Turkey (GMT+2) right now and according to Kotaku's page, their live blog will start the coverage in January 27th 4:30 AM in England time (GMT+1) and Meeting (and true coverage) will start at 6 AM in England Time again (GMT +1). So, it'll start in less than 8 hours.

xtheownerzx2874d ago

thanks guys appreciate, good to see ppl helping each other out! :)

Elvfam5112875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

OMG PP is back check out the website

chadwarden2875d ago

If the PSP2 isn't announced tomorrow, then my official ABAP (As Baller As Possible) certification on Sony products may have to be lifted. Sony, you better not disappoint.

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