IGN: Fear and Focus in Shift 2 Unleashed

There's a drama to racing that video games have so far failed to capture. Even when they blow us away with their realistic tire physics (Forza Motorsport 3), spam us with beautifully reproduced cars (Gran Turismo 5) and smother us in style (Grid), racing games tend to be about everything but the actual feeling of driving a car at realistically ridiculous speeds for a living.

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IcarusOne2826d ago

Yes! This is what all other racing games are missing. That feeling of being encased in metal, flying at 200mph, with your brain crammed against the back of your skull.

Hope they have 3D support. Actually that might be too much.

AutoCad2826d ago

looks good.
cant wait for a demo.

theballa1130922825d ago

I had a lot of fun playing the first one. This should be awesome!