Sony PSP2 or Nintendo 3ds?

We have heard the news that tomorrow Sony might unveil the official PSP2 system, after so many rumors surrounding the device, and with the Nintendo 3DS specs already out, we were wondering based on the information and speculation available to us, which device would be the winner in this portable platform fight? Read our analysis of this two new big contenders...

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Dark_Charizard2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

As of today, 3DS. As of tomorrow - who knows?

SuperStrokey11232825d ago

Well said, lets wait and see what the games are like and the tech is like for both first... dont forget the price.

zootang2824d ago

I know I'll get more use out of the PSP2 so it's that for me.

firefoxprime2824d ago

Although both will feed core gamers...demographics are still seperate. I'll buy both later down the road, but right now I'll take the 3DS. NGP is a powerhouse. We all knew that. Nothing has changed in the last 7 years. Innovation vs. HD graphics

I'll play my 3DS for depth, and NGP for HD hanheld gaming. Only thing that concerns me is price and game library for the NGP. If its just PS3 ports...then I just may pass. It better not be over $299. I'm planning on purchasing my first HD console this year:PS3. If so...why would I want a slighltly downgraded version on the go? "I" drive. Don't use public transportation. So my handheld gaming will be at home.


nycredude2824d ago


First of all all the games coming on NGP are not direct ports of the Ps3 games. THey are completely new games based on the same franchise. Also if you are so against ports then why so enamored with the 3ds. so far it seems many of the launch lineup are remakes of older games.

BattleAxe2824d ago

I think it depends on whether you're 4 years old, or if you're 20 years old.

firefoxprime2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )


I like the NGP. If its full of ports, I'll pass. Why? Because I plan to purchase my PS3 this year. I'm not going buy the PS3, and then the NGP to play the same franchise title.

I have nothing against ports. I agree the 3DS is full of ports. Ports of games I have never played/owned. SSFIV3D? Nope. Tales of Abyss? Nope. BlazBlue? Nope. Shoot...not even paper mario or splinter cell. So if a port is a new game/experience for me, then I'm all for it. I don't own a wii, and I'd perfer a cleaned up port of a ps2 game from 04, than play it on my ps2.

In response to the 3DS being full of ports...3rd party titles(especially launch titles) aren't going to be new games. Companies aren't stupid. They launch a game on the 3DS that already has an install fanbase. Ex: Resident Evil? Who hasn't heard of that franchise. M.GearSolid...? I think you get my point. When developers/publishers reap the cash from the 3DS, thats when new games will flourish. Its all about the moolah.

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FinalSpartan2824d ago

depends but nintento really dominate handheld for generations now.. 3DS will sell like hot cakes. PSP2 depending on price...might sell lots or not. PSP sold lots because of piracy.

Both will fall to piracy soon, But PSP2 has vast potential for hacking and homebrew.

History might repeat its self

3DS owns the daylights out of PSP2.

But PSP2 is my personal choice of gadget because of the tech. But the 3D in 3DS is innovative.

Biggest2824d ago

"3DS owns the daylights out of PSP2."

How did you come to that conclusion?

Eidolon2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Because it has 3D, 3D owns everything.
But I think he's talking about the sales, analogously.
DS did sell twice as much as the PSP.. and therefore the 3DS will sell twice as much as the PSP2, right?

I'm getting a PSP2.

AWBrawler2824d ago

the AR. I love that stuff, imagine how that could work with yu-gi-oh!

-Superman-2824d ago

NGP if price is not higher than 350 dollar
NGP has better grahpic, online, friend list, trophies and everything else better.
3DS has worse grahpic... only what 3DS has is 3D

dual stick... pwned :D

soren2824d ago

oh so im guess 3ds does not have online play 3d movies plat game boy and gameboy advanced games and is able to be a 3d movie maker yeaah you need to think again b4 u make a statement

matey2823d ago


SuperStrokey11232822d ago

What the hell are you talking about... you people are making no sense

NeaL_ThA_GaMeR2825d ago

strong possibilty of PSP2 being announced tomorrow BUT it has been confirmed that the meeting will also highlight some new features etc for the PS£... fingers crossed :D

schlanz2824d ago

Definitely. Why are people pretending as if only one will be fun or find success.

Otheros002825d ago

We have too much of these articles. So, please don't approve anymore.

kickarss2825d ago

Please read it, see if it's the same as the others you have seen before. IT'S NOT

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