IGN - Killzone 3 Jungle Video Preview

Developer Guerilla's Killzone franchise isn't known for being very colorful. From its PS2 debut to its PSP iteration to the upcoming Killzone 3, the team behind the franchise seems determined to paint war as the ugly act it is.

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theonlylolking2874d ago

This game just looks so amazing. Best shooter of 2011 I say so far.

King_many_layers2874d ago

I personally agree that the game looks amazing. i'm really pleased that they didn't add to much colour to these areas also. I want their world to stay bleak and keep me immersed (unlike R2's over saturation)

the guy whose dubbed this video however needs to get his head out of his bottom and stop sounding like such a whiner from around 1:20 onwards.

ForceCSW2874d ago

I know all that the commenter in the video does is complain about Killzone's colour pallet, it's called atmosphere buddy.

Pixelated_Army2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

IGN can always find something negative to complain about when it comes to a PS3 title. It never fails!

IGN is the equivalent of debbie downer in the gaming industry. lol

disturbing_flame2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

What i see : Guerrilla is spoiling KZ again.

They've done it for KZ2, they spoiled best moments in the game and when i played it, no more surprise, zero fun.

And now, once again they are doing it...

Oh, and this jungle...Man, i prefer say nothing...
Too much hype kill the hype

Bathyj2874d ago

disturbing_flame, the only sensible thing you said was you prefer to say nothing and then you didnt even follow your own advice.

I also am glad even though this section is more colourful they stuck to the feel of the world and didn't just splash gay purple and green everywhere. Its colourful but muted, even the jungle is wartorn.

What impressed me most is the opportunity for stealth. Seems like you can approach an area however you want and play gungho or sneaky like. That what I love in a game and that what shows off good AI.

sobekflakmonkey2874d ago

too be honest i expected a little more from that level, im still excited to play it for myself, but yeah...just watching that made me a little less excited...

Washington-Capitals2874d ago

Sorry, resistance 3 will be the most improved and imo best shooter of 2011.

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Buho2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

If R3 is anything like Fall Of Man, then the best Shooter of 2011 will be Resistance 3. Killzone 3 looks amazing though. Both games are must buys for ALL PS3 owners.

LOL at the disagrees, show yourselves Xbox cowards!

Resistance 2 was a great game, but it felt more like a Sci-fi COD game. 8 player Online Co-op was a blast! I liked Resistance:Fall Of Man because it felt unique.

Downtown boogey2874d ago

I think Resistance 3 will be better than KZ3, too...
But I think R2 is still vastly better than Fall of Man, though not as original, I must admit.

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King_many_layers2873d ago

I can't wait to see what they will demonstrate of resistance 3 next week, the animation and re-instated colour pallete have really brought the game back to life for me.
It's really getting a little difficult to keep up with everything coming out in this year. All these brilliant games coming out (multiplatform and exclusive) only for the NGP to come along looking like it's going to be delivering these same awesome games.

catguykyou2874d ago

I wouldn't call that a jungle. Game looks great though. Very polished looking. Main difference I see is that there seems to be a ton of stuff happening on screen at any given time. Makes the environments feel much more alive.
I like how they keep showing how you can kill people with single hits now. I hated that part about the game before. You shoot an enemy in the head and unless it was a sniper rifle or high explosive, it didn't insta-kill them. Didn't really allow for slower more stealthy gameplay. This does.

xAlmostPro2874d ago

I agree, i think all games should have 1 hit kill headshots with every weapon, it's only right, and in the games that do headshots feel far more rewarding and worth the effort :)

Biggest2874d ago

No offense, but it isn't up to you. It's called a jungle.

King_many_layers2873d ago

did you not find it fun to pop off their helmets and follow up with a headshot ??

Seijoru2874d ago

Anyone notice how not excited the IGN guy was. The pricks will probably give the game an 8.

FinalSpartan2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

don't be sad if they do, these days there are plenty of shooters, has to do somthing amazing and innovative. Killzone 3 looks awesome, but nothing that we haven't seen before. Stealth missions we were just showed. We did that plenty of times before in shooters. So nothing new. But somthing atleast new to Killzone.

Eyeco2874d ago

god knows why your getting disagrees for something that is so undeniable, KZ2 is gonna be a great game without a doubt, but with that said its not exactly bringing anything new to the table, in fact alot of the things that KZ3 is doing over KZ2 have been in shooters for YEARS its not doing anything new.

Sevir042874d ago

LOL! really? you guys kill me with this innovation crap. it's a fucking shooter, FPS there is nothing innovative about FPS because the gameplay is point and shoot no matter what point the game you are in. So with that said. a FPS doesn't need to be innovative, it just needs to be Tight in aiming and do the shooting better than those that did it before> You dont have to invent the wheel, just make a wheel that performs well. and thats what KZ3 has done! It's fixed the issues of the one prior and now it's doing it's core mechinic well!

I swear reviewers and fankids who harp this game because of it's less than stellar first entry want this game to be the one that cures cancer really bug me.

Appreciate the game for what it is and stop harping it for what it isn't a shooter that doesn't do your dirty laundry and wash your car and do your tax returns. wait No other shooter does not even HALO or COD, or any game for that matter. Shooters aren't Innovative, never have been and never will be. what it is, is developers perfecting the mechanics to make shooting feel far more visceral and natural and fun in shooting games and that's what matters.

FinalSpartan2874d ago

Looks great! But for a second i thought going to see Crysis ( PC ) graphical jungles, Still in tone with the Killzone colour style. Atleast not too much grey.

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Schism202874d ago

Wats that @ 1:24 you did not earn a trophy? Is it because its a reviewer copy or somethin?

GamerSciz2874d ago

Helghast and a Jungle that is no one's friends. Well that sounds like tons of fun. I expect multiplayer in that kind of map to be a ton of fun. Day 1 buy for sure. Way to go GG.

AutoCad2874d ago

Looks good , but i doubt it will be Shooter of the Year.