Crytek To Resolve Crysis 2 Demo Issues

According to the Crysis 2 blog at EA, Crytek is working to resolve technical issues with the demo that a few players are having on Xbox 360.

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geodood2825d ago

I guess technical issues only covers the matchmaking/connection issues and not the lack of AA, pop-in and other such issues :/

STICKzophrenic2825d ago

...and the fact that the guns sound like toys, the melee/assassinations are horrible looking, the graphics are very mediocre and the death animations are completely broken (getting shot from the front and flying forward).

For as much as they hyped this game and talked about the competition, based on the demo, they have a lot of ground to make up to be anywhere near the level of Halo, Killzone and Call of Duty.

kancerkid2825d ago

Game runs pretty smoothly though, no tearing or nothing.

socomnick2825d ago

says the guy with a killzone avatar .....

a game that has all of those problems on top of downright boring and bad first person shooter gameplay.

guigsy2825d ago

I love the demo so far. Shame there is only one map, but I have had alot of fun with it.

AAACE52824d ago

I played the demo a few times and so far have classified this game as a $10-$20 buy! I hope they can do enough to make me want it right away, but it probably won't happen.

STICKzophrenic2824d ago


"says the guy with a killzone avatar .....

a game that has all of those problems on top of downright boring and bad first person shooter gameplay."

Killzone 2's guns sounded like toys? Really?
Killzone 2's graphics were mediocre? Really?

Killzone 2 had great gameplay and had some great sections that broke up the gunplay. The mech section was great. Defending the station with the homing missiles was awesome. The mounted machine gun sections were top notch.

To each his own though.

I just think Crytek should keep other video games and companies out of their mouth if this is the game about which they're bragging.

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IcarusOne2825d ago

Has anyone checked out the 3D options of this on Xbox?

Blaze9292825d ago

It was disabled for me..

chriski3332825d ago

Well I tried to put it on 3d but I don't think the demo supports 3d glad to see crytec is looking to fix up the demo kinda shows they r backing there game up good to hear sofar its a blast for me

Gamescares2825d ago

Yes I have and there was ridiculous crosstalk on the default stereo setting of 50, I had to turn it right down to 10, and then the 3D effect isn't that great...

A shame as they kept banging on about how great the 3D on this game was going to be, maybe it will be better on the PS3, if it is then that will be the version I buy.

Those saying they couldn't turn 3D on, then you don't have a 3D TV or you haven't enabled it, you're not missing much on the 360 though.

Tested on an LG 42" btw.

IcarusOne2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Do you think that's because of the game, the hardware, or your TV?

BeaArthur2825d ago

I wonder if they are talking about the connections in the game. Every game I have tried to play has me with full green and everyone else at yellow or red. I don't notice it lagging really badly but that has to be doing something to the gameplay. Might explain why some people appear to be bullet sponges.

BlackKnight2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Armor mode lets you take ALOT of hits, I mean alot. And armor mode doesn't protect you well for the first couple of seconds you turn it on. If you leave it on, you are easier to hit (looks like it halves your movement speed) but you can take quite alot of firepower.

If no armor mode is on, depending on you using a pistol, rifle or light machine-gun or sniper, it's only 1-3 hits to the head to kill.

BeaArthur2824d ago

It's not that because when you shoot someone who has the armor on you can see the armor kind of flaking off when you shoot them. I'm talking about people that can take an entire clip and then when I watch the kill cam the bullets seem to be passing right through them. Stuff like that.

BlackKnight2824d ago


That's just bad host. When I had a room with 3-4 bar people, the game was QUITE solid. Just got to hope you connect to someone in your country AND hope they have something more than just DSL or shitty cable.

RyuDrinksTheDew2825d ago

the only problems i had, had to do with the game freezing after i got into a match.

3 out of 5 matches i tried ended up freezing up.

mayberry2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

the vids look 2 me, really bland. not much going on in the background etc... guess i'm 2 used 2 kz2. Smoke, explosions, lightning, etc. idk, it is just a demo. but seems like "dated" fps gameplay imo.

Kon2825d ago

Mainly because Crytek is used to create PC games, so the console versions will look very meh.

BlackKnight2824d ago

Try and play the demo, you can see shit flying around. Not only that, this is a secluded rooftop map...

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