Screens from L.A. Noire Crime Desk #1 of 5: Homicide

Rockstar Games reports: "As Detective Cole Phelps in L.A. Noire, you'll rise through the ranks of the LAPD, along the way facing cases across five different department crime desks. One of the most brutal and harrowing will be that of Homicide.

Los Angeles is being terrorized with a series of horrific murders perpetrated on young women. As these cases get reported, it will be up to you to bring the guilty to justice. Is this the work of a lone killer or sick copycats? Some glimpses of Phelps’ pursuit of the killer or killers were seen in Monday's big Official Trailer #2 – and today, we present the below brand new screens taken from murders on that desk."

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Speed-Racer2826d ago

Damn , those shots look so good.

Commander_TK2826d ago

*Sees screens, goes to the toilet*

Convas2826d ago

Gahhh, so many games to get. I can't wait for this game, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be hooked on it as soon as it starts. Looks like it'll be more focused on story, and whilst I do have my share of bare-knuckle shooters, I'd like to think of myself as a connoisseur of fine narratives.

To May!

MGRogue20172826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Looks very nice..

I'll most surely get L.A Noire.. but right now, All I have in my head is Killzone 3 & Test Drive Unlimited 2 for now.. I just want to play them. :P

sonyrep172826d ago

this is going to be amazing!

plb2826d ago

Is this supposed to be like heavy rain?

sonyrep172826d ago

simular but more free roam aswell

MGRogue20172826d ago

Nah, more like Mafia II.. except you play as a cop.

sonyrep172826d ago

true but u try and collect evidence like you do in heavy rain

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