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GameBlurb writes, "pic Games has truly made a name for itself in recent years, most prominently with their Gears of War trilogy which will conclude this November, and it has become a pleasure to take any of their machismo violent fantasies for a whirl. Partnered with developer People Can Fly, Epic brings us a demo for their latest gunplay opus, Bulletstorm. The demo consisting of a six to ten minute chunk of frenzied action lets us experience what looks to be one of first quarter 2011’s most promising titles."

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OGharryjoysticks2874d ago

demo impressions - this game is generic. I acknowledge the ADD gameplay is good for ADD but everything else about the game is dumb. If you pick up this game remember to wear your dirty underpants on your head while you're playing it because the developers have shit for brains if they think anything other than the action in their game is cool.

FinalSpartan2874d ago

tell me why

bulletstorm & crysis 2 demo didn't come on PS3?

lashes2ashes2874d ago

bulletstorm demo is on psn.

dragon822874d ago

The Bulletstorm demo is on the PS3. Microsoft and Crytek have a partnership now which is why th e360 got the exclusive demo of Crysis 2. The are also getting an exclusive game out of the deal.

To be honest neither demo was anything special. The graphics were good but nowhere near the best and the gameplay was generic at best for both. I can see where Bulletstorm might be fun to play for a few days but thats about it. Crysis never really had the gameplay to match it's graphics and this game looks to be the same.

FinalSpartan2874d ago

oh ok, but crysis 2 demo is coming on PS3 soon right?

Miiikeyyy2874d ago

Kick and whip! Kick and whip!

junk3d2874d ago

That's pretty much what I got out of the demo as well. Curious to see how multiplayer will be. That whip goes a good distance and could get really annoying online.

plb2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

There is no multiplayer. Coop though afaik.

Rhezin2874d ago

haha hell yah, I was bootin people in the face constantly in that demo! One of those games where the free demo is good enough. Plus it comes out the SAME day as Killzone 3, and my money is on Killzone 3

MicrocutsX22874d ago

I actually had a lot of fun with this demo. Looking forward to it in the future!

hiredhelp2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

thankfully someone who has seen this game way its meant to be seen. i enjoyed it. yes ill also get kz3 but not meant to be a kz3 beater. its a in your face 100% kick ass games. for you noobs who beleave all you been doing is just kick and whip
try whiping in kickking out onto a spike or electrical wire/mix that up with some detonation while drawing another bad guy in close to the guy you straped a bomb to and activate it what the explosition. or press R2 to get a more powerfull shot with each weapon. like use the pistol with R2 as a firework.
mix and match people. if it aint gripping you then get another game. but dont bad mouth a game if you dont like it stop slagging it as some may just like the demo.

this is not a kz3 or crysis game people.

MidnytRain2874d ago

It almost sounds like you're saying that nobody should say anything bad about it...

Parapraxis2874d ago

Whip, kick, shoot.
Rinse and repeat ad finitum.

Kon2874d ago

Same thing like all FPS... Shoot, shoot, shoot.

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