Arrowhead's Debut Majicka Sells 30K Day-One

Arrowhead Game Studios' debut game Majicka has gained quite a bit more traction than the new development house expected.

The game's publisher, Paradox Interactive said the PC title sold 30,000 units across all digital platforms in its first day of availability, and climbed to the top of Steam's sales charts. It sells for $9.99.

The figures aren't of blockbuster triple-A big-budget proportions, but for a small independent Swedish studio and a game that was born as a student project, $300,000 in total generated revenue in 24 hours is substantial.

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BlackBusterCritic2916d ago

I love this damn game, but there are some obvious bugs. Simply clicking the wrong thing will cause your game to freeze. While it can be avoided, it shouldn't exist in the first place. But seriously, if anyone is undecided on getting this game...GET IT. Great co-op fun, tons of cool spell combinations, and a vibrant and exciting world to explore.

chak_2916d ago

Great for paradox, I like those guys and most of their games.

Didn't like that one though, didn't have the click factor