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thedudeftw3735d ago

Hot damn! As equally as exciting as Arkham Asylum.

ksense3735d ago


"Nicely Done Bat, you deserve a prize" punch in the face lol

sdtarm3735d ago

I loled there

seems like bats gets all the fun, but Itll be cool if they know how to pull it out..

the enemies havent changed much tho

TreMillz3735d ago

i Lol'ed at that part XD

Istanbull3735d ago

Great success

*borat voice*

Trunkz Jr3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I never really seen Batman/Joker work together, maybe once in the animated series but I can barely remember it, so this is kinda interesting to have one of your greatest rivals be your partner (even if its for a short time), or even if this is a fun thing to do on the side, it's really an interesting thing to put into the game period.

aCasualGamer3735d ago

Something tells me they'll release Robin costume as DLC and it would fit perfectly for those really into the extra challenges. Would fit perfectly for the game system as well, i mean... Co-op Batman and Robin, who wouldn't want that?

If someone can pull it off it's Eidos, they have perfected every character they've put in Arkham Asylum and they'll do the same to Arkham City i'm sure.

I would buy the DLC day on, btw.

thats_just_prime3735d ago

Seeing how its not real time gameplay it doesnt confirmed anything. It does hint at there being co op. Personally I hope the story mode doesnt have co op in it. I think co op missions be cool maybe they kind of do it to fill in little extra things they you wouldnt see durning the normal story mode. Plus is be a great why to let you play as some of the villians

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deadreckoning6663735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Ummm...this vid doesn't confirm anything. It could just be a cutscene. Not saying Arkham City won't have co-op...just saying that the vid doesn't confirm it.

@mcmmaster- Yeah, a couple people probably commented without watching the vid. I expect Arkham City to have co-op since most 3rd person action games have co-op these days, but this vid doesn't prove that it'll happen.

mcmmaster3735d ago

Exactly what i was thinking, its probably just a cutscene in the games story mode

BryanBegins3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Seriously?? You don't think that this video all but confirms co-op in the game? Wow, I'm speechless.

It's like the ultimate prove if you ask me. The entire trailer has the only purpose to show co-op! Nothing else (not for the main game, but it at least confirms some kind of co-op modes)

On topic: I still hope for a RDR-free-roam-like multiplayer. Like in this video, you cans ee that you can decide to play co-op for a while but then, you can turn back to fight.

Edit: ok seriously guys, watch the video. It is soooo obvious that this is intended to show co-op in at least a fighting mode. I really, really can't believe you got people agreeing with you. We must really not watch the same trailer.

-Alpha3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )


You are making an argument on probability. Nothing seems confirmed until it is confirmed by the developers.

As a result this is, by definition, not "confirmed", just perhaps a large hint

BryanBegins3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

@Alpha: OMG, let's play on words now. Yayyyyyy.

So let's play dumb and treat this as only a GIANT hint (and ultimately prove). OK I'm in your game.

And yeah, let's imagine that this might maybe only be a freaking cut-scene! Like this videos looks like this. You're killing me guys. The moment where the Joker team-up with Batman, it's so obvious it isn't from a cut-scene in the game. But again, ok, let's play dumb together.

I would accept the argument that it might actually be a fake trailer. But even there...

hobo513735d ago

it kinda looks like this could b some kinda of challenge room, not really tied directly into the story mode, but i could b completely wrong

Lifewish3735d ago

Agreed, this trailer confirms nothing except the game looks awesome

SwampCroc3735d ago

it almost looked like right before the final scene where the Joker got punched out.. when they were standing... that looked like actual footage.. like games fly back to right after a cutscene. I agree. Co-op would be nice and is expected. But this doesn't prove much of anything. Other than the game looks good.

MidnytRain3735d ago

Yes, but developers and publishers are pretty smart about how they go about things. I'm sure they would have thought that if they made a scene that strongly suggested that it had a certain feature and it really didn't, they would have reconsidered the video.

If anything, I can guarantee that if co-op is not a part of the game, working with the joker in the single-player WILL be.

Axecution3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Bryan, this honestly confirms nothing. It looked like gameplay footage, sure, but that could and most likely 100% definitely IS an AI Joker, not a player controlled joker.

Or, it could be a cutscene as other people have said.

The chances of it being a co-op announcement is ridiculously slim, and it just definitely isnt.

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Ahh please dont tell me Joker will turn good in this game, I want him as evil as he can be.

Eamon3735d ago

Obviously he won't. Joker isn't the only main villain in the game.

He most likely is not the most powerful figure in Arkham City so Batman and Joker most likely make a temporary truce to fulfil their own goals.

Joker probably wants to overthrow the most powerful figure and take his place while Batman has his own righteous agenda.

Pozzle3734d ago

The Joker? Turn good? Hahaha! It will never happen!

The Joker and Bats have worked together in the past. It certainly doesn't mean Batman is turning bad or the Joker is turning good. It just means they haven't started beating each other up yet. lol

Christopher3735d ago

Looks like an optional challenge room mode. Don't see how this would fit in with the storyline too well considering how Joker was left at the end of the first game.

Also, if the person who wrote the original article ever reads this, please edit the text of this item to say Arkham City, not Arkhum City.

SixZeroFour3735d ago

dont even give that site hits, you can always find trailers on youtube or gametrailers

saladthieves3735d ago

Batman Arkham Asylum was an epic game man. It simply raised the bar higher. Achieving the same thing on the next batman game would be hard, but I have no doubt in my mind that they can do this/even do better. I just don't want them to screw it up like they did with The force unleashed II.

IcarusOne3735d ago

Cannot wait for this game. Co-op or not, it's gonna be great.

Mystickay863735d ago

This is fake. 80% certain. I think a majority of these people are mislead. Then again, looks good ;P. But yeah, don't get your hopes up.

CrIpPeN3735d ago

I though it was a mod from Batman Arkham Asylum PC.
Because some of the voice over was from the first game.

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NYC_Gamer3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

^^^^yes,that one was posted first.i'm only buying this game for the single player though.

thedudeftw3735d ago

Yet look what happend when the person tried to embed the video. The site become sh*t in the layout...but everything in pending is equal folks. The most pathetic rule to N4G.

gameseveryday3735d ago


Ripping off a sites HTML code and pasting that in to n4g. You have basically screwed's design. How on earth can that be a legit submission. You CANNOT rip off source code from another site. The video player of that site does not allow the embed code. You ripped the entire web page and in doing so you also screwed n4g's design.

Talk abt original source..meh!

ajcastillo3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I did this because some other person Reported my News saying that i needed to embedd the video so i did, i was aplying the rules of N4G, that doesn´t gives you the authority to assume that your news is first and better than mine, you practicaly even ripped my preview, you know what if you consider yourself part of the gaming journalism at least have some balls to put the credits where it is deserved. Oh another thing putting Kewego as credit is like putting youtube as credit that is against the rules of N4G, but hey who gives a damn just because my blog is a little gaming site compared to others, thank you very much for everything.

gameseveryday3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )


N4g clearly states that if your site finds some news, you can put that link in the credit url. Even the submission page has a credit url input box. I found the news on that site and posted it and gave credit url to the original site. Thats an n4g rule.

davidmccue3735d ago

The video IS embeddable, i my self have embedded it on my own website, from what i can tell from both the articles in the discussion neither one of you have embedded it within N4G which is the rule. Adding 'THE VIDEO IS NOT EMBEDDABLE' below your submission then removing it afterwards is a bit sly Rashid.

redDevil873735d ago

This game is going to be sik!