Coming up For PlayStation Plus in February 2011

Here's what's coming up for PlayStation Plus members in the US and EU in February 2011.

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gaffyh3735d ago

No Spyro for UK again :(, already have Mushroom Wars so pointless to put that up imo.

Lucreto3735d ago

Ross has a post on PS1 games on Monday maybe he will shed some light on the matter then.

They can't give us free PS1 games when they are not even on the story yet.

mushroomwig3735d ago

Not pointless for me considering I've never played it.

That's the trouble with a service like this, you can't please everyone.

fucadastates3735d ago

may be better if they had had a "chose one of five" deal instead ?

still.. if you had all five games.. then .. yeah.

gaffyh3735d ago

Exactly, I would prefer a choice tbh. But people who haven't played Mushroom Wars are in for a treat, it is one hell of a great game.

-Superman-3735d ago

I want Pyro 1 first before i want Pyro 2
My favorite PS1 game is Pyro 1

RankFTW3735d ago

Nice update for me in EU next week as I don't have any of those games, have had the free PSN games from the last 3 months heh.

hennessey863735d ago

my sucription if this is the scraps they re going to feed us

P_Bomb3735d ago

Only thing remotely of interest to me are the 10 Bionic Commando avatars for 99 cents, of which I'll probably only like one or two anyways.

They need more headliners like their recent DCUO beta, free MAG, 5 free Sam and Max episodes and Dead Nation discount.

xstation793735d ago

Playstation plus is a joke. I don't know why anyone pretends to like it.

Paralex3735d ago

You're just mad that you can't get discounts like us Plus members. Take that you villain, PlayStation Plus members UNITE!!!

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