Are Nintendo Right to Ignore Trophies and Achievements?

TSA Writes:
Earlier this week Nintendo announced that they weren’t thinking of adding a system similar to the Xbox 360′s Gamerscore, which counts your Achievements, or the PS3′s Trophy set-up. “Nintendo’s designers don’t tell you how to play their game in order to achieve some kind of mythical reward,” said the company’s Bill Trinen.

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Venox20082874d ago

I don't care about achievements so it's not a problem for me.. :)

Technical World2874d ago

I don't understand why people care that much about achievements. They don't even unlock anything. They're just there. They do nothing people and if you get some sense of pride from getting all of the trophies in a game than you need to go outside and get a life. No offense.

AWBrawler2874d ago

Imagine the lame achievements Zelda would have:
defeat gannon with no heart upgrades
don't use any magic in battle EVER
go through the whole game with no spin attacks!
don't ever use a fairy in a bottle to revive

God That would drain some of the fun out of it. I'd just ignore those. And I don't even want to think about what the heck kind of stuff you'd have to do in a Pokemon or Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Trophies:
Don't recruit any friends
Use (insert main character's name) to defeat every boss
Don't use any legendary weapons
No class Changes EVER (except the automatic ones by the story)
Don't use any heal items all game

So yeah, I think I'd rather play my own way, and if they ever do cop out and add trophies, I want an option to Op out, because I saw my Bro get a "Died 100 times" Achievement when we played Halo 3 together. That isn't exactly bragging rights