Top 10 RPGs On 360

360 Magazine: Quickly becoming one of the most valuable genres in the industry, the RPG can be a huge time sink and simultaneously hugely rewarding. We give you a run down of the 10 on the 360 right now...

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Firstkn1ghT3734d ago

The finest Japanese RPG ever made. A broad claim, you might think – FFVII? – but time moves on with scant regard for nostalgia. Lost Odyssey is a modern masterpiece and deserving of its place up here with the western boys

I 100% agree. Best JRPG ever made. An instant classic.

kancerkid3734d ago

Nice list.

If you just buy half the games on that list, you would be in over your head for a year.

TheDivine3734d ago

lost odyssey is my fav jrpg ever the 360 has the most rpgs fhis gen especially smaller rpgs like divinity 2 risen and magna carta 2 which i loved. thats the reason i got it damn typing sucks ass on my ps3 damn laptop broke