How to write a game review, Mad Libs style

Mike Minotti writes: Poor Greg Miller. The IGN reviewer has been under a lot of flack for what many are calling a poorly written Dead Space 2 review. Well, I actually found Miller's review to be quite inspiring. It shows us just how easy writing a review can be!

To prove it to you, I've used Miller's words as a guide for a handy Mad Lib. You'll be a professional games journalist in no time with the help of this baby!

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RockYou3356d ago

If only it was that simple. Wait, it actually is.

Sadie21003356d ago

Haha, no doubt. Reviewers everywhere are mad the secret's out!

SybaRat3356d ago

I can't wait to read Miller's next review. Wait...I think I just did!

choadley3356d ago

Jeez, Millar is going to need to write a video-game review worthy of a Pulitzer Prize to get this heat off him.

Tolkoto3356d ago

One bad review spoils the bunch or something something.

rod_furlong3356d ago

Has anyone checked his previous work? Maybe he's been using this template all along!

DaDoc8683356d ago

Ha, wouldn't that be something?

JamesDeRosa3356d ago

This is whole things is a little sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.