Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Bulletstorm Demo Screenshot Comparison (HD/720p)

Lens of Truth writes"Welcome back for another exciting screenshot comparison! Today we bring you both demo versions of Epic's upcoming shooter Bulletstorm. The demo arrived yesterday on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, and we couldn't wait to put both versions under our "Lens" to see which one is shaping up to be the version to own. Since Bulletstorm runs on Epic's Unreal 3 engine we were expecting to see quite a few differences. One more thing, in this Head2Head we're introducing our new "Lens" feature which allows you to focus on more detail in our images than ever before. So what we'd find? Find out below!"

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hackersdelight3837d ago

I know the demo is short and not mch going on, but for some reason I'm addicted to the Bulletstorm. I can't stop trying to beat my score and kill combos. I just hope the single player has some variations of gameplay so it doesn't get old fast.Not bad so far. :)

ksense3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

who is going to bet that the staff choice is going to be xbox no matter what. oh i prefer the controller.... oh the lighting on xbox looks better to me....oh oh..... pathetic and biased as hell

looks like all the members of LOT have n4g accounts that each one just comes and backs the other ones up and says this is the best comparison ever and disagrees for stating the truth. whats the point it is like fighting a losing battle.

hackersdelight3837d ago

The deciding factor will probably be the fact that on the Xbox they can actually talk to one another over the network while they play

DelbertGrady3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Who is going to bet that some PS3 fanboy will come in here and blame the author of being biased eventhough 90% of multiplats look and perform better on the 360?

Although I do prefer DigitalFoundry's comparisons over the rest.

Biggest3837d ago

Does it matter who the staff chooses? This game is UGLY!

Close_Second3837d ago


You know, you can actually talk over the network when playing on-line on the PS3. What you can't do is have cross-game chat.

To be honest, when I'm playing on-line 99% of the time I want to chat to people I'm playing with to help beat the opposition. That's just me mind.

MysticStrummer3837d ago

Who is going to bet that some 360 fanboy will come in here and say 90% of multiplats look and perform better on 360, when we all know that 99% of that 90% require a pixel counting side by side comparison to tell the difference. If that wasn't true, sites like this wouldn't exist. There are a couple of multiplats on both consoles that look substantially better than the other console's version. The rest are so close as to make no difference. That's the truth... no lens required.

Anon19743837d ago Show
BattleAxe3837d ago

@ Darkride66

Get a grip on reality, LoT is a bogus website thats fueled by fanboys. Theres nothing constructive here when they jack up the brightness every single time on the PS3 versions of every game they compare.

N4WAH3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Nicely put.
I always judge for myself. I rely on no sites reviews or findings. They have all been caught with their pants down at one time or the other being dishonest or showing bias.

These games NEVER look on my displays they way they do on most of these comparison articles. If you have to be told the differences or squint and study side by side pictures and videos then it's obvious these differences are not worth mentioning.

BattleAxe3837d ago

Sorry Darkride66, I misread your post.

Sarcasm3837d ago

You know regardless of what people's preferred console is, Darkride has a point about LOT. The staff 8 out of 10 times picks the 360 versions regardless if the PS3 appears to be "better." That tells you something doesn't it? Then they try and act like they aren't fanboys, but they'll always throw in something like "But the 360 controller is better for FPSs."

Seriously, where did this myth of the 360 controller being better for FPS's come from? It has a bigger dead zone and is less precise than the PS3's analog sticks.

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christian hour3837d ago

Yeah I was disappointed in how short it was but the more I go through it the more things I discover... Like how Posh Spice somehow snuck herself into the game. Lens of truth need to do a real life vs 360 vs ps3 for her... chances are none of them will look good at all :P

Tempjf3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )


Are you cold and bored? You want that Jason guy to keep you warm! BTW I'm always with you...

zootang3837d ago

We still submitting these guys? Wow!

RudeSole Devil3837d ago

Hell ya no body does it like LOT baby. NOBODY they were the first to do these types of HeadHead's.

zootang3837d ago

Liars tend to lose credibility with me, unless they apologise for there mistakes.

You boys are just gullible to not see the truth. Then again a lot of you have been that way this generation.

Joe Bomb3837d ago

Wow! Wow! Wow! Zootang is an idiot, Wow!

hackersdelight3837d ago

Well you can shop at Wal Mart or you can shop at Tiffany's.All the bargain comparisons have come out, now the real deal is here.

Sea_Man3837d ago

Hell ya hackersdelight, you hit the nail on the head.

donkeydoo3837d ago

Nicely said, anyway did you check out that new Lens feature they have? Mikey likes it.

NoBias3837d ago

Yeah that new lens feature is actually pretty cool.

Blitzed3837d ago

Man, you guys are a joke. Its been pretty obvious that Sea_Man, donkeydoo and Soul Train work for LOT.

I could care less about your site, comparisons or the conspiracy theories. Howvever, you guys really come off as low brow morons the way you flock in here and rip anyone who dares to disagree with your findings. The backslapping you guys display in support of each other or positive comments is juts as laughable. Are you all really that insecure?

When those e-mails were published I really thought you guys came off as extremely unprofessional and immature (despite who was right or wrong) but I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt; I mean I would have been pissed too if someone posted e-mails that were meant to be private. However, there is such a comonality amongst the way you all write in your comments, its undeniably immature. Is LOT run by a bunch of 15 year olds?

It's time for you guys to grow a set of nuts and learn to deal with criticism and show some professional tact.

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xTruthx3837d ago

I actually agree with zootang, got caught lying, what is stopping them from doing it again ?

Joe Bomb3837d ago

actually their findings on ME2 where backed up by DF and the devs of ME2. LoT was the only site to mention in their post that there was a high probability that the demo was an early build. Guess what... the devs said it was. Now I've dropped the JOE BOMB on you...........BOOM!!!!!

Soul Train3837d ago

Actually, like always LOT got caught telling the truth, so your comment makes no sense at all. Try again.

Also, this game is no Gears of War, that's for sure!

just_the_tip3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Liras????? Where have you been? Lens of Truth made BioWare themselves come out and make a public statement that the PS3 Demo was an older build, just like what Lens of Truth reported. While other sites like IGN and such pussy footed around because they were afraid of fasnboys remarks like yours.


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donkeydoo3837d ago

No way PS3 can't handle the Unreal 3 engine. I grantee the PS3 version performs like poo. Taking bets, you in.

3837d ago
NYC_Gamer3837d ago

the ps3 version looks kind of washed out

just_the_tip3837d ago

Like always. Wasn't this already proven that dev do that intentionality?

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