Call of Duty: Black Ops patch not good enough, say Gamers' Voice

Gamers’ Voice, the lobby group taking Activision to the Office of Fair Trading over the state of the PC and PS3 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops, have told BeefJack that early reports suggest that yesterday’s PS3 patch wasn’t good enough.

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Army_of_Darkness3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Stop buying call of duty every year!!!! you'll have No more issues, problems and outdated graphics to complain about anymore! like me:).... It's not like we're low on "Good quality" FPS!!.

xAlmostPro3734d ago

If i was activision i'd give ps3 owners the zombie maps from WaW.. not much but its something. Because its true they release all these patches and theres always a minor difference but the game always has issues and each time theres a path theres a bunch of new issues we get and have to wait until the next one.

I agree @army_of_darkness and i wont be buying the next one unless it gets great reviews and my friends say its good for atleast a month after release

PotatoClock3734d ago

Dude, Black Ops got perfect scores and I can bet a lot of peoples friends would say that the games "awesome" and "the best ever" when they probably have never gone near any other FPS.
You can't trust any COD title. The series is on its way down, it won't go up.

And Acti certainly wouldn't give free maps away, especially to PS3 owners. They want their "fee" for allowing you to play online for free.

hamburger1233734d ago

MW2 and BLOPS where the first COD games I bought on my PS3

And the last...

ZeroX98763734d ago

mm I played a lot of call of duty since the last patch and I saw a big improvement over the last patch. I almost never get kicked from a game, my party is nowhere near disbanding as often as before 1.06. It's still a big improvement for a very buggy game.

But, yeah, PC and PS3 gamers don't deserve this...