Crysis 2: Great Sniper Footage Emerged

Watch a new Crysis 2 video showing some great sniper action. Hint: Click on HD to watch the video in a high definition resolution.

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Highlife3734d ago

Where are the head shots. That was what 20 bullets to the head. Don't like how many bullets it takes to get a kill.

BlackKnight3734d ago

If the enemy turned armor mode on, it takes alot of hits, even if headshots. Depending on the gun, when armor mode is off, its 1-3 shots.

MidnytRain3733d ago

Well, that just means it's not a twitch shooter and it takes more skill to drop an opponent. As long as the health isn't excessive, this could mean a better game.

HeavenlySnipes3734d ago

graphics look good, but from what I've seen it adds nothing to mae it stand out. Armor abilities like Invisibility and less damage are done in KZ and Halo.

plb3734d ago

This game reminds me of a cross between COD/Halo.

3733d ago
SJPFTW3733d ago

Crysis did armor abilities way before Killzone 2 and Halo Reach. So nice try. Were you seriously born yesterday?

WithMyLastBreath3734d ago

Yeah the hit detection doesn't look so good but I do like the graphics and the suit powers. The only other thing I hated were the guns they sound to uhm... tinny, i guess you could say. But we will see how it all pans out.

tmoss7263734d ago

It's not the hit detection, it really takes a lot to kill people. If they have armor on, it's like having shields in Halo, so takes about 15 shots or so.

DEADEND3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

It takes alot to put someone down in this game, they need to address that for the final product. And it would have been better if it was 8 vs 8.


what because this guy cant aim they need to lower health so they can die if he sprays across them?

Xfanboy3733d ago

nice graphics!! PC version needs a demo damn it!!

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