Crysis 3 story planned, development “depends on the success of Crysis 2,” says Yerli

Crytek has said it has plans in place for a Crysis 3 storyline. However, the development of a third installment depends entirely on the success of Crysis 2.

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CatSanderson2821d ago

I still don't know why they're releasing the 2 demo only to 360.

DFresh2821d ago

Yeah I was gonna ask the same question.
If anything it should of came out first on PC since that's where the franchise started and where the majority of the fan base to that series is located.
I think it's lame that now companies are making some demos exclusive now which is retarded.
A demo is meant for people to try out the game to see if they want to buy it or not.
By making this demo exclusive EA/Crytek are limiting themselves to potential buyers.

plb2821d ago

That easy. MS paid them off same as timed DLC.

FrigidDARKNESS2821d ago

i dont know why ps3 fanboys think MS paid for denos have it ever crossed your mind that developers have to pay sony to put demos on psn for using there bandwidth and developers don;t have to pay MS. This could have played a part in there decision.

the_best_player2821d ago

They want the game to be a big hit, I can't see that happening.

360 ver has control LAG (IGN said)

Fishy Fingers2821d ago

While it's annoying, it kind of makes sense. 360 tends to sell more FPS games and they also dont have a high profile exclusive FPS launching around the same time, like the PS3 has with KZ3. They're probably placing most of the eggs in the 360s basket.

Surprised there was no PC demo though,

theonlylolking2821d ago

I agree but because it was not on PC that is what is making people think M$ has something to do with it.

Triggs2821d ago

I believe their is no PC demo because we PC Gamers already know what Crysis is. Crytek is pouring more resources to introduce the game to non-PC gamers who are just starting to notice Crysis.

R2D22821d ago

This game will sell and will become the new COD.


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Xfanboy2821d ago

Just bring it back home to PC where it belongs & stop being a damn fool!!!!

killalot1002821d ago

fix the shitty controls and maybe I'll get it.

dirthurts2821d ago

It controlled fine for me...?

Pandamobile2821d ago

Same here. I consider myself controller-ly challenged when I play FPS games on consoles but I had not problems with the way you aim and move in the 360 demo.

killalot1002820d ago

I understand the disagree's the controls are playable but not good to me. I actually like killzone 2 controls but it feels like they remapped pc controls to the 360 controller. I would think a game this fast will have faster controls then cod. I just want better controls and sound and this game can be pure ownage if they deliver this to me.