He or She? The 25 Most Androgynous Video Game Characters

The Rocky Horror Show for the Commodore 64 isn’t the only game to feature confusingly sexy androgynous characters.

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hay3734d ago

This is really random list.

GodsHand3734d ago

Some of those were pretty funny, especially towards the end.

Aarix3734d ago

I think the pokemon rival from crystal should make it on the list.

forevercloud30003734d ago

This list is Hilarious! and also SPOT ON!!! I was definitely expecting to see more Final Fantasy Characters tho. Could not believe they passed up the chances to rag on Sephiroth,Kuja,Warrior of Light, pretty much all of Yoshitaka Amano's work yet instead picked Hope.....

SixZeroFour3734d ago

didnt you see #2's caption...the list was originally supposed to be 250 most androgynous final fantasy characters, but afraid it would crash their servers

SeraphimBlade3734d ago

Don't forget, NiGHTS "dualized" with a little boy and girl in Journey of Dreams.

Bridget: "The catholic church is either going to really hate this or really love this." Hey, I'm catholic, and FOR your information:... that was freaking hilarious.

Flea: Wait, Flea WAS a dude? Think I forgot that part. Glad I did.

Alucard: In symphony of the night, it wasn't too bad. But you see his more anime-styled portrait in Dawn of Sorrow. Gah!

Where's Ranmaru Mori? He was a real person in feudal Japan and was known for looking like a girl. He's appeared in at least Onimusha 3 (where they mercifully gave him a pretty masculine voice and outfit) and Samurai Warriors (which gave him a girly voice and mini-dress type thing and no real pants. What does that say about Mitsuhide and Nobunaga?)

Bnet3433734d ago

Just about every Final Fantasy character can go on this list lol.

Lyr1c3734d ago

The only final fantasy characters that look male thoroughly are Barrett, Sazh, and Wakka.

Lyr1c3733d ago

^ How did I forget Auron :/

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