The Good in a Game: Too Human

In a culture that’s quick to abandon a video game entirely based on a single numerical digit, it’s easy to overlook the nuance and niceties of any given title. Moreover, many are quick to discount any piece of software to fall south of a particular critical divide, leaving any potentially compelling ideas to rot in a creative wasteland, unexplored and undeveloped.

Here, we briefly examine the merits of Silicon Knights’ Too Human.

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morventhus3734d ago

This is a very interesting read... and it actually gives Too Human a good look... it was actually a decent game

Columbo3734d ago

I think this game was highly underrated. Sure the death scene was excruciating long for such a fast-paced game, and the dialogue was generic and poorly acted, but this game was extremely fun for a loot-dropping, dungeon crawling action game. The controls took a while to get used to, but nothing was quite as much fun as zipping around the screen sending mechanical monsters flying while feeling like a complete badass.