Starcraft II training ground opens in South Korea: “Drapes so nerds don’t get hurt by the sun”

GOM TV have set up a house that’s designed to help foreign players train up and eventually qualify for their Professional Starcraft League. Click through for Artosis’ guided tour of the Seoul residence and an interview with “John The Translator.” He seems like a nice guy.

Artosis actually gets into the house 3.25 into the video. You might want to skip the first bit.

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Xander7563729d ago

I highly doubt that shower/bathtub will be seeing much use...

LMS3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

i highly doubt the consoles will ever be able to handle strategy games, at least until the ps4 arrives in 2020 because cheap-asses do not care about ps3 was cutting edge, when i bought it in 2006

now its a bluray player and last gen gaming system

[email protected] command and conquer on ps3 and 360, supreame commander

f'ing consoles 720p or less

720p is not hd to gamers with taste